Chiliz launch GameUsed is always dreaming up ways to connect fans to the teams they love and our next innovation is significant for merch and memorabilia collectors. introduces you to, and as the title suggests, this makes it easier to claim authentic match used merch, from games.

What is GameUsed

Well, what’s in a name? Game & Used, the concept is simple: Game Used leverages blockchain technology to authenticate match-used memorabilia and makes it accessible to fans. has partnered with over 170 sports teams across the globe, so the pool of resources is deep, but any team, club or collector can use to authenticate merch, register merch on the blockchain and eventually distribute to  collectors.

And there’s more… bring those memories back to life also uses technology to embed memories into the merch . For example, if a player scores in a match, we’ll embed an NFC chip into the ball, and when that is scanned using your phone, a replay will be shown of the goal and the memory will last forever. We’ll use the same technology to tell the story of the shirt, with owners of GameUsed jerseys able to scan a QR code on the item and watch the big moment from the game where the shirt was used.

This adds another layer of authenticity and ties in nostalgia too, wherever the kit, ball or merch ends up, the memory is now tied to it via the NFC chip and replay, and the authenticity of the merch is genuine, and listed on the blockchain.

What merch can you get with GameUsed?

Fans will now have greater access to:

  • Match worn shirts
  • The official match balls
  • Match-worn sports equipment – think outside the box here, as even match-worn shorts and socks are becoming increasingly popular.

Who is it for?

Sports teams, Collectors, and above all, the fans

Sports teams use as it helps them authenticate their match-worn memorabilia in a protected, safe and unique ledger. 

Collectors need this technology to source their favourite items. Whether they wish to keep what they own or re-sell it, the authenticity of the item is protected forever and can not be lost.

… and well, we’re all about you, the fan… so our aim here is to bring a new dimension to the experience of being a fan, as now you can easily claim a piece of sporting history, which is honest, genuine and unique.

How will it help sports organizations? will be the one-stop shop for this type of merchandise and memorabilia as it will handle everything, from the logistics and storage right through to the delivery to the fan.

Sports teams will plug into which provides the technological framework for all this to happen. Logistical and technological support will ensure each transaction is genuine, safe and guaranteed. 

Ultimately, it helps sports organizations get even closer to their fans across the globe as two-way communication continues to enhance with, blockchain technology and solutions like Imagine, with’s massive database, suddenly teams can offer even more sports packages to their fans in a safe way.

Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, on GameUsed

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and said: ‘We are extremely excited about the launch of by Chiliz.
‘At Chiliz we are building one of the leading ecosystems for sports and entertainment, bringing together fans, sport teams, and sports commerce and service companies. Central to our strategy is to continue to launch services and technology that onboard traditional sports experiences and fan activities into the Web3 environment. We believe that blockchain technology can bring new ways for sports teams and companies to deliver ownership and engagement to fans, and by bringing blockchain authentication and distribution to sports memorabilia through we are taking another important step forward in our offering.

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