We offered a 6-month sponsorship/funding to small/medium-sized esports teams within the EU.

To qualify for sponsorship, the teams were first selected by the Socios Esports team with the following prerequisites: their size, (small to medium-sized teams), organisation and their ambition to progress.

To win, the teams took part in a competition run on our website to ascertain which teams could receive the most votes from their fans. The competition ran for a two-week period from 3rd December - 17th December. Once the competition ended, the votes were counted and verified; the winners were contacted and announced via social media. The actual sponsorship began the start of February 2019.


- The first initiative in the $10m Battle Royale funding was announced earlier in 2018

- An important initiative to demonstrate that we are supporting the entire esports ecosystem, from the ground up

- Giving back to the esports industry - Socios was built with esports in mind and we’re looking to grow esports from the inside out and help organisations gain a foothold in the industry

- Allows us to access fans, brands and potential sponsors

- Important for user acquisition as we start to build our audience/customer base


- Each team needed to produce a 60-second video and a briefing document (around 300 words for use on our website), helped and supported by the Socios Esports team

- Promote it across Social media campaign/website - engage the fan bases

- The teams to utilise all outlets (social media/friends and family/podcasts/local radio stations/Local newspapers - It is on the team's shoulders to drive traffic to the website to vote on their team

- Once the winners had been chosen, contractual discussions began and after confirmation, the sponsorship/funding began.

- A plan from the team as to where the money will be used

- The teams will be required during the 6-month contract period to work with us on producing content to go to the market, which will include our branding