As we begin the new year, we’re going live with our FanFlux winners who were announced last year - Conquer Gaming, Copenhagen Flames and 3DMax.

We’re incredibly excited to get the chance to work with these teams who have shown the ability to engage their fans and the potential to grow within the esports scene, we want FanFlux to be the catalyst to help propel them forward.

Brief summary of the sponsorship:
We are sponsoring 3 teams that won a 14-day engagement challenge, with a sponsorship pool of €60,000 which includes a coordinated brand activation between them and us. The 3 teams will receive the sponsorship funds over 6 months, during which each team has either a Fortnite or PUBG team that the sponsorship will be supporting to keep on board.
What is to come?

From February to July, we will be working with each of the organisations behind the scenes, discussing activation plans which will include videos and articles to documentaries on the teams. Some of the teams has decided to give back to the community and will be hold their own tournaments which will be in part funded by the sponsorship, so keep your eyes open!

Below is a screenshot of the Copenhagen Flames pledge to give back to the community, they placed 2nd overall.