GameUsed™ technology explained

GameUsed™ technology powered by Chiliz guarantees the authenticity of all game-used memorabilia available on the app. 

gameused technology

While game-used items are not a novelty, the risk of purchasing counterfeit products has always been high, so GameUsed steps in to ensure you are getting the game-day memory you deserve. Collectibles gives you access to rare memorabilia with an absolute guarantee of authenticity due to the technology paired with each item.

NFC and blockchain technology

Here’s where the Chiliz blockchain comes in. Each game-day item is collected and fitted with an NFC chip. These chips provide us with data and information about the item. It acts as a certificate of authenticity, validating that the item, or game-scored ball in the case of the EA Supercup Final, is indeed what it says on the box.

The data is logged on the blockchain, where the item’s history and journey are also stored. It tracks a proof of ownership and shows us that the ball is indeed the only one in the world. You can access this data via your smartphone, where you’ll also be able to see your game-used item in action and re-live the memory.

We’re using the power of the blockchain to change the way we collect sports memorabilia, giving you a safer and more honest way of collecting. 

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