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Adding $CHZ to your wallet

  • Via Credit/Debit Card: Simply head to the wallet section in the app, and tap ‘Top Up $CHZ’. Here you choose the amount you want to spend (in the currency of your choice), and then enter your credit/debit card details. Just like any online retailer, we use renowned payment providers to complete the transaction. The app will auto exchange your fiat currency, ie Euros, Dollars, Pounds to $CHZ.
  • Via Voucher: Simply head to More section, and under ‘Other’, you will find ‘Redeem / QR Code. Here you can enter the code from your voucher and the corresponding tokens will appear in your wallet.
  • Via Cryptocurrency Exchange: If you are familiar with using cryptocurrency exchanges or have pre-bought $CHZ on an exchange, you can transfer from your external wallet to your wallet. Simply head to the wallet section in the app, and tap ‘Receive $CHZ’. Here you will find a string of letters/numbers. This is the public key of your digital wallet, and the destination address for your transfer. In your external wallet, you will need to copy and paste this public key in order to complete the transfer.

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