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Buying Fan Tokens

Fan Tokens can be bought directly on the app via the ‘trading’ feature, but first you need to top up your wallet with Chiliz ($CHZ). Simply tap ‘Add $CHZ’ from the top of the home screen tap, choose the amount of $CHZ you want to buy, fill in your payment details and complete your transaction. 

Once your wallet is topped up with $CHZ  follow these steps to buy Fan Tokens:

– From the top of the home screen tap ‘Trading’.  

– Select the Fan Token you want to buy and tap ‘Buy’.

– Enter the amount of Fan Tokens you want the purchase and tap ‘Buy’.

Your purchase will take a few minutes until it is confirmed. To check the status of your transaction follow these steps:

– Tap ‘Wallet’ on the bottom of your screen.

– Tap ‘Transactions’.

– Tap ‘Fan Tokens’ from the top of your screen.

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