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How do I verify my identity?

You will be prompted to provide certain identity documents once you reach the different verification thresholds. The type of document depends on the amount of $CHZ you are depositing and/or trading. You can do this in the User Profile section – click on the Account icon in the top left hand corner to access, and then click on ‘Verify Your Identity’. You will need to use the in-built selfie function to provide us with a picture of a valid government-issued Photo ID (this could be your passport, your driving licence or a National ID card), and then take a picture of yourself holding the document you have provided.

Some tips to ensure the identity verification goes smoothly:

  • Take a clear picture of your identity document, where every single detail is readable without blur
  • Ensure the area in which you are taking the photo is brightly lit
  • Turn off the flash to avoid glare on your documents
  • Ensure the details on your profile match the details on your identity documentation
  • Do not take a picture of a picture

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