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What are the different levels of user verification?

The app has 5 user verification levels, which give you access to different functions and features within the app. Each level requires different documentation, based on the amount of $CHZ you are depositing and/or trading. The amounts are aggregated over a period of time from the date of your first registration.

  • Level 0: Allows you to create an account and log-in. For this we require your mobile phone number and your email address. At this level, you can collect free $CHZ and Fan Tokens via the Token Hunt feature, and you can vote on club polls.
  • Level 1: Users can top up their account (transferring $CHZ or buying on the app) up to the value of €500. You will be required to confirm the validity of your email address.
  • Level 2: To be eligible to sell Fan Tokens on the forthcoming marketplace feature and hold/ transfer out up to a maximum of €1500 in $CHZ, you will need to submit your full name and surname, date of birth and nationality; confirm your identity and documentation via the inbuilt selfie function.
  • Level 3: To be eligible to deposit and/or trade up to a maximum of €10,000, you will be required to confirm your residential address via a proof of address document.
  •  Level 4: To be eligible to deposit and/or trade more than €10,000, you will be asked for further information and supporting documentation, such as source of income/funds.

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