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Can I Withdraw My $CHZ and/or Fan Tokens To Third Party Exchanges?

Withdrawing your $CHZ to third party exchanges.

You can withdraw your $CHZ to external wallets that support ERC-20 or exchanges where Chiliz is listed. We are listed on: Binance, Upbit, Wazirx and Paribu among others. For a full list of exchanges click here. 

If the wallet you are withdrawing to is not ERC-20 on the Ethereum Mainnet, your tokens will be lost and they will not be recoverable. Our recommended wallets are ZenGo and Trust Wallet.

Withdrawing your Fan Tokens to third party exchanges.

You can only withdraw your Fan Tokens to the exchange or certain third-party exchanges. Fan Tokens sent to an incorrect address or to the wrong exchange will be lost and non-recoverable.

Remember that it is your responsibility to verify whether Fan Tokens can be sent to a third party exchange and to provide and verify address details.

You can refer to the table below to see which exchanges support which Token network.

If you wish to withdraw Fan Tokens to Binance, you must withdraw to first, and then withdraw from to Binance. Make sure to follow this guide. 

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