- How to buy Chiliz Tokens and Fan Tokens on the app

How to buy Chiliz Tokens and Fan Tokens on the app

As simple and secure as any online purchase, getting your hands on $CHZ and Fan Tokens can be done in two easy steps. 


Step 1: You buy $CHZ 

Step 2: Exchange them for Fan Tokens all directly through the app


You could also buy $CHZ through a third party exchange like Binance.com.


Here’s a look at how the easy purchase process works: 



Once you own $CHZ you simply exchange them for Fan Tokens belonging to your club: 



The amount of Chiliz and Fan Tokens you can buy is determined by which verification level you have reached within the app. Every level of verification requires different documentation based on how much $CHZ you want to buy, with a maximum limit at each level. 

The limits for each level are aggregated over time from the date of your first registration. For example, if you top up your account with €250, and then two months later try to top up with another €300, you will be asked to provide further documentation. The list of levels and maximum purchase levels can be found here