Get Locker Tokens for The Galácticos, Manchester Blue and Milan Devils and join the campaign for your club to launch Fan Tokens

The Socios.com mission is to build a closer relationship between clubs and their global fanbases through Fan Tokens.

The first version of our app went live in November 2019. Fast forward 10 months and we’ve launched Fan Tokens with 11 clubs, had hundreds of thousands of downloads, launched countless polls and rewarded fans around the world with amazing real-life and digital experiences.

Now, we’re expanding our mission by launching Locker Room – a new feature where we’ll use popular demand to show potential partner clubs just how much appetite there is for Fan Tokens. 

We want fans to help us convince their clubs to join Socios.com! 

Our first three Locker Tokens are The Galácticos ($LOCK-TG), Blue Manchester ($LOCK-BM) and Milan Devils ($LOCK-MD).

You can join the campaign and show your support for any of our pilot Locker Tokens today. 

How it works:
– We create Lockers for each of our potential partner clubs on Socios.com, with each Locker Token given a name based on the identity of the club.

– Fans buy Locker Tokens using our in-app digital currency Chiliz $CHZ.

– Lockers will stay open for  120 days. Once that window has elapsed a decision will have been made on whether or not the potential partner club is going to launch an official Fan Token.

– Fans hold the Locker Tokens they have purchased until the potential partner club officially launches their Fan Token on Socios.com. At this point the Locker Tokens are transformed into official Fan Tokens at a 1:1 ratio.

– Should the potential partner club decide against launching Fan Tokens after the stated time window has elapsed then fans who have purchased Locker Tokens will receive their money back in $CHZ to their Socios.com account.


Your Locker Token will immediately be transformed into an official Fan Token as soon as it launches on Socios.com enabling you to become among the first influencers for your club.

This also means you’ll get your Fan Token at the entry price before trading begins on the Socios.com marketplace.

You’ll receive all the benefits of being a Fan Token holder; voting rights, the opportunity to earn cool rewards and merchandise and exciting new community features like Chat and Games  + you’ll also receive 10% of the money you invested originally back into your Socios.com as $CHZ.

And, if the potential partner club decides against launching a Fan Token, we’ll credit your Socios.com account with the full amount in $CHZ.

What’s next?

We’re starting with 3 potential partner clubs, but we want to add many more. Locker Room is about generating fan momentum, so we’re looking to you – the fans – to come to us with suggestions for new Locker Room clubs.

If you want your club in the Socios.com Locker Room then let us know about it on Social Media:

Twitter : https://twitter.com/socios

Instagram : http://instagram.com/sociosdotcom

Facebook : http://facebook.com/sociosdotcom

Getting started

If you think you know the true identity of The Galacticos $LOCK-TG, Blue Manchester $LOCK-BM and Milan Devils $LOCK-MD and you want Locker Tokens for any of these clubs you can get them from today.

All you need to do is download Socios.com, go to the Locker Room, enter the Locker for your chosen club and purchase Locker Tokens using $CHZ which can be acquired using most major payment methods.  Locker Tokens for our first three clubs are priced at 200 $CHZ ( approximately €2/ £1.84).