We’ll use popular demand to show potential partner teams just how much appetite there is for their Fan Tokens. We want you to help us convince your favourite team to join!

Be the first influencer for your team

Lockers are created for each of our potential partner teams on See Locker Room tokens as Fan Tokens in the making. You can get Locker Tokens using our in-app digital currency Chiliz, $CHZ.

The first successful locker room was Milan Devils. Soon after, partnered with AC Milan.

Get Fan Tokens at entry price

Locker Room tokens are set at the base price and therefore a one-time opportunity for fans and crypto enthusiasts. Lockers will stay open for 120 days. A decision will then be made on whether or not the potential partner clubs will launch their official Fan Tokens

Should the potential partner club decide not to launch their Fan Tokens then fans who have purchased Locker Tokens will receive their money back in $CHZ to their account.

Eligible for all Fan Token benefits

Locker Room Token Holders are in for all the benefits of being a Fan Token holder including the right to influence your Club, to earn cool rewards and merchandise; and get access to new features like Chat and Games.

Earn 10% in Cashback

On top of being the first in getting access to potentially new Fan Tokens, you’ll also receive 10% of the money you invested originally back into your as $CHZ.

Have More Questions About Locker Room?​

Check-out our Help Centre for all you need to know about Locker Rooms.