- Locker Token Window Extension: Vote Now For Extra Time To Secure Boosted 15% $CHZ Bonus Yield

Locker Token Window Extension: Vote Now For Extra Time To Secure Boosted 15% $CHZ Bonus Yield

On Monday October 05th of last year, we opened our Locker Room on Socios.com, with Locker Tokens for The Galácticos ($LOCK-TG), Blue Manchester ($LOCK-BM) and Milan Devils ($LOCK-MD).

Just last week, AC Milan picked up the Milan Devils Fan Token, with every single $LOCK-MD transformed into fully-fledged $ACM Fan Tokens and 10% $CHZ staking bonuses credited to every Milan Devils holder.

We closed the deal with AC Milan well ahead of the deadline, but extra-time is needed to score the other two, even though negotiations with both clubs are at a very advanced stage.

At the outset, we stated that the window for each Locker Token is 120 days, which closes on February 02nd. With that in mind, we want to introduce a 45-day extension to the window, which takes us until March 19th, to get the final details sorted and each partnership officially signed.

If extra-time goes ahead that also means much improved staking rewards for $LOCK-TG and $LOCK-BM holders. Instead of the original 10% back in $CHZ if the team signs, we will introduce the following boosted terms.

  • If we sign a team during the 45-day extra-time window, the bonus for holders of the Locker Token will be increased to 15% (from the original 10%). 
  • And – even if we don’t sign the team in extra-time – Locker Token holders will still receive 10% staking rewards in $CHZ back to their Socios.com accounts regardless +  a full refund of all their $CHZ spent on Locker Tokens.

But, we need to check if all of this is cool with you first.

And, as this is Socios.com, the best way to do that is by having a poll, of course! 


Do you agree to extra-time for this Locker Token until March 19th and the following improved staking rewards: 15% $CHZ bonus if we sign the team and a guaranteed 10% CHZ bonus even if we don’t?


Yes – Let’s go into extra-time for a guaranteed bonus of at least 10% and a potential 15% bonus (5% extra).

No –  Close the Locker Token and receive no $CHZ bonus.

The vote is open now on Socios.com

So, if you want to guarantee a bonus of at least 10%, massively boost our chances of adding two huge new clubs to the Socios.com roster and potentially earn an extra 5% bonus in the process, make your voice heard now!

If you have any questions about Locker Room or anything else please visit The Chiliz Exchange Telegram https://t.me/ChilizTrade