Remote Fandom: The MatchDay Experience

The ecosystem of the Matchday experience:

Audio, video, exclusive content streams & unique fan rewards

Keeping the spirit of fans in the stadium remotely:

  • Mid-game - Grouped audio recorded by Fan Token holders cheering with their apps open from home is sent to the teams’ stadium in real time.

  • Mid-game - Fans compete to get featured in short ‘fan faces’ clips shown on stadiums’ ‘giant screens’ during games; videos which they record in real time while watching games remotely.

Additional content features to round out the MatchDay experience:

  • Pre-game - Access a private livestream of players exiting the hotel and making their way on the bus/train on game days

  • Pre-game - Video Access first few minutes of players getting in the dressing room (pending broadcast rights restrictions)

  • Pre-game - First-access to the official formation of the day (even if it's just 5 mins before Juventus post it live on their social media)

  • Pre-game - A quick 10-second video message from the Coach and other technical staff member before the game

  • Mid-game - A dressing room/tunnel stream to show when players make their way in from the field for halftime

  • Merchandise - Match-specific merchandise (commemorative scarves, shirts etc.) offered as giveaways to all Fan Token holders who actively participate in’s Matchday experience. is currently unavailable to US users.