MESSI MATCHDAY Predict Messi’s magic & win a signed t-shirt

Predicting magic is tricky. It’s the unknown, the fantastic, the unpredictable. 

Predicting Messi is tricky too. He can shoot from anywhere, use both feet, score with his head or try the outlandish. There’s little he can’t do, but one thing is certain: When he plays, goals follow. 

Here’s a little challenge for you: predict his magic for your chance to win a t-shirt signed by the GOAT himself. During the World Championship, 24 hours before every Argentina game we’ll ask you to guess what type of goal he will score. We want you to tell us when he will score and what type of goal it will be. 

The predictions:

Will he score in the first or second half of the match?

Which exact time period will he score in? 

What type of goal will it be? Penalty, free-kick, shot from open play or header?

This is harder than it sounds, and one fan will deservingly win a Socios shirt signed by the main man himself, so get ready for those exciting Argentina World Championship matches. Their first match is against Saudi Arabia, so enjoy following the magician as he sets the tournament alight. 


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