Announcing our fourth Locker Room Token: Get in pole position

Locker One ($LOCK-1) has roared onto the starting grid, hot on the heels of Milan Devils becoming the first Locker Token to be transformed into a fully-fledged Fan Token when AC Milan picked it up and signed with! 

We’re taking no pit stops; Locker One is geared up to attract’s first motorsports team with the sale to begin tomorrow at 12:00 CET.  

Are you race ready? Let’s take a quick blast around the circuit, reminding you of exactly how it all works, including the 10% staking bonus and giving you the key metrics for Locker One (LOCK-1).

Everything you need to know.

  • $LOCK-1 Tokens will be available in the Locker Room from Wednesday January 20th at 12:00 CET at a fixed price of 200 $CHZ. 
  • To purchase a Locker One Token, click on the Locker in the Locker Room feature on and use $CHZ to purchase.
  • Locker One Tokens will be available for a maximum of  120 days from Wednesday January 20th.
  • Owning a Locker One Token will be the only way to ensure you get the base entry price for the potential F1 team Fan Token. 
  • Locker One Tokens will be strictly sold on a first-come, first served basis.  This will still be the case if the final supply determined by the potential partner club is lower than stated and if the launch takes place during the 120 day window.
  • ‘Staking’ Bonus: Should you purchase Locker One Tokens which then become official Fan Tokens for an F1 team, you’ll also receive a 10%  $CHZ staking bonus pledged back into your account. 10% yield for 120 days.
  • Should the potential partner club decide to launch on, Locker One Tokens are transformed into official motorsports team Fan Tokens at a 1:1 ratio.
  • When tokens have been pre-sold in the Locker Room, there will be no FTO®. That means should the prospective partner sign up and launch a real token it will begin trading right away and the price will be determined by the market. So, the only way to get in on the action before is via Locker Room – and – in this case, via Locker One.
  • Should the potential partner decide against launching a Fan Token, users who have purchased Locker One Tokens will receive a full refund of the $CHZ pledged to their account once the 120 day window has elapsed or the Locker closes.

Locker Token Metrics

Here’s all the key metrics for Locker One:

Locker Token Symbol: $LOCK-1

$LOCK-1 price: 200 $CHZ 

$LOCK-1 sales cap per user: 5,000

$LOCK-1 Supply: 500,000 $LOCK-1 Tokens

Locker One sales window: 120 days
If you have any questions about the Locker Room, Locker One or anything else please visit The Chiliz Exchange Telegram

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