Fan Tokens are first made available at an entry price
for a limited period. This is referred to as the Fan Token
Offering. After that, you can buy or sell Fan Tokens on
the marketplace.

Buy Fan Tokens

All Fan Tokens are available in our fan-to-fan
marketplace & can be bought on demand. Their
price is fluid & determined by the unique supply,
demand & fan utility dynamics of each
partner’s Fan Token supply.

Sell Fan Tokens

If you own Fan Tokens & want to sell them, you can do so on demand in the marketplace. Sales go through in real-time at each Fan Token’s current market price, so choosing the best time to sell is up to you.

Hold Fan Tokens

Fan Token valuations are determined by the value they provide to our partner’s fans. If you want to use your Fan Tokens to influence the teams you love & compete for rewards, you’ll need to hold onto them to do it.

Have more questions about Trading?

Take a look at our set-by-step guide on how to trade Fan Tokens on the app.

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