Be more than a fan

Be more than
a fan is the new app for esports fans, where you acquire voting rights to influence the teams you love. Find your voice, get club rewards & compete for once-in-a-lifetime experiences is the new
app for football fans,
where you acquire
voting rights to
influence the
clubs you love.

Available on Android and on iOS

Available on Android and on iOS

Be more than a fan and be rewarded

A Step Closer

Supercharge your fan experience

Get Involved

Team Heretics will now turn to you for selected club decision

Exclusive Benefits

Supercharge your fan experiences

Benefits Upon Joining

  • Asset 1

    Vote on app-exclusive polls throughout the year

  • Asset 1

    Be part of a community of passionate Team Heretics superfans

  • Asset 1

    Exclusive discounts on official Team Heretics merchandise

  • Asset 1

    Be the first to know about Team Heretics future plans

Get Closer To Rewards & Experience

  • Asset 2
    Free tickets to events
  • Asset 2
    Special event access/Meetups with the players
  • Asset 2
    Training Facility/Gaming House tours
  • Asset 2
    Signed official merchandise
  • Asset 2
    Be included in Team Heretics videos like their “Todo Mal” series
  • Asset 2
    Esports grade peripherals

Ready to become a Team Heretics influencer?

It's essential to us that our fans are all involved as much as possible with the organisation. Now - thanks to - all our fans can have a real voice and the opportunity to vote in important team matters. Not only this, but fans can also look forward to exclusive rewards and experiences too.
Stay tuned to Heretics & via social media in the coming weeks. It's time to decide the future of Team Heretics - together!

Pablo Canosa - Commercial Director Team Heretics

Getting you closer to the team you love

Collect fan tokens

Every club that joins generates a supply of Fan Tokens, blockchain-secured digital assets that give you the right to vote on club matters. Hunt, buy or earn. The more Fan Tokens you own, the more influence you have.

Make an Impact

When you own Fan Tokens, you join a pool of supporters whose collective decision-making power is absolute. Our partner teams will seek your input on club matters by running binding and non-binding polls - binding poll results are an instruction which clubs agree to follow.

Have fun, get rewarded

As well as voting rights, Fan Tokens serve as your 'membership card' to access rewards, merchandise & experiences, including leaderboards, games, and much more.

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