Fans are crying out to have a say in the teams they love. solves this. See the way it works, how you can influence your team and get rewarded!

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Sign up to

Download the app & create an account in seconds. We just ask for your phone number & email

Step 2

Hunt or buy Fan Tokens

Fan Tokens can be purchased or hunted for free in our in-app game from time to time

Step 3

Vote on team polls

Make your decision on team matters.

With binding polls, the team has an obligation to bring your choice to life

Step 4

Participate & win

Take part in polls & in-app games, rack up reward points and unlock VIP experiences, team merch & much more!

A trusted app for Sport & Crypto fans

Trusted not only to deliver new exciting partnerships and engaging binding polls, but also to provide a secure platform for voting. Blockchain technology is at the heart of our app, making sure that the integrity of each vote is safeguarded.

Blockchain Technology

Verified Payment Providers

Data Privacy

Partnered with top brands

Hunt or buy Fan Tokens

Explore the different categories within the app and pick your team. All you need is just 1 Fan Token to start, however, the more you own the bigger your influence, the more chances to win and the more power you have when trading. Check-out our Token Hunt feature for free tokens!

To get your Fan Tokens you first need top-up your wallet with Chiliz, the in-app currency. Think of it like having to exchange to a foreign currency when flying abroad.

You can then exchange Chiliz ($CHZ) to your favourite Fan Tokens.

Influence your team. For real.

You could be choosing a jersey design, the name of a training ground, in-stadium entertainment, or choosing the next fan event, player challenges and much more. See what was decided by fans on

Participate, compete, & win

The more you’re active on the app, the higher your chance to win amazing prizes. From VIP invites to a meet and greet with your heroes, to signed merchandise – we are committed to make dreams come true! Take a look at what Fan Token holders are not missing out on.

More fun, features & games has everything you need to get you closer to the team you love, have your voice heard and to earn yourself the status of a superfan!



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