Engage, get rewarded, repeat


Welcome to Socios.com, where passion
meets extraordinary rewards.
Engage, get rewarded, repeat


Welcome to Socios.com, where passions
meets extraordinary rewards

150+ Teams

What are Team
digital assets?

Digital assets are issued by sports clubs and allow you to do great things like score free VIP tickets, vote on the next t-shirt design, and even travel to meet your favourite team and sporting heroes

Earn as You Cheer: Socios.com Style

Your passion drives your team, now let it guide your dreams!
Engage with your teams on Socios.com to get rewarded for your loyalty.

Compete & conquer

Get front-row seats and access
exclusive events as a VIP!

Earn Epic Rewards

Your passion pays off with
unique rewards

Make your voice
heard in the team

Make your mark. Impact your side
by voting in team polls, shaping the team.

Participate in
Exclusive Games

Show off your skills and climb the
leaderboard to amazing prizes. Are you
your team’s number 1 fan?

Real Fans. Unreal Stories.

Your passion knows no boundaries.
Neither do our rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The owners of our digital assets receive the right to vote on official team polls to help their team make particular fan-related decisions. They also benefit from a host of fan perks with exclusive promotions, rewards and experience clubs with VIP rewards, promotions, games, and access to a community of superfans.

Many elite sports teams have already partnered with Socios.com to create new ways to engage with their fans. The most popular teams included are Arsenal, PSG, FC Barcelona, Juventus, Atlético de Madrid, and Manchester City, with many more to come.

The Socios.com platform bridges the gap between fans and teams by allowing both to engage, get closer than ever before and earn rewards. Sports franchises launch their digital assets. A limited number of team digital assets are made available for a short period at a fixed price for fans to purchase before being listed on the marketplace. The owners receive the access to perks such as exclusive merch, VIP status at games and events, play games and compete with fans and chime in on team polls.

Our digital assets use blockchain for authentication, ownership, transactions and voting records.

The Socios.com app gives you access to the marketplace. You can find plenty to do inside the Socios.com app, including voting in team polls, playing trivia games that test their team knowledge, participating in competitions, and gaining VIP access at team events.

The app also includes an augmented reality game that lets you find free digital assets hidden in your community.

Socios.com’s digital assets give you the power to impact certain fan-related decisions! Some examples of choices that owners have impacted include the exterior design of the team bus or the pattern choice for new team kit designs.

Some teams have allowed fans to make choices about the team motto, warm-up music and locker room decorations, and even new squad numbers.

Fan choices are decided by binding polls that run through the Socios.com mobile app. The team decides on the nature of each poll, but the fans get to make the decisions. The results of each poll are final, and no one on the team can override a choice made by owners.

The way polls work is simple. For every poll, each digital asset gets one vote. The strength of that vote is determined by the number of digital assets you possess. If you own one digital asset, your vote has the weight of one. However, if you have 50, your vote would wield 50 times more impact.

Each poll will have a max cap on the number of digital assets you can use to vote.

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