1. Introduction
This Cookies Policy (“Cookies Policy”) relates to the website https://www.socios.com and/or any sub-website and/or associated domains (and/or sub-domains) of https://www.socios.com (the “Site”) owned by Mediarex Enterprises Limited and/or any of its subsidiaries, whether direct or indirect, including but not limited to HX Entertainment Limited. In this Cookies Policy, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Ourselves” and/or “Mediarex” shall refer to Mediarex Enterprises Limited (C 73768) including any of its direct and indirect subsidiaries and the terms “You”, “Your” and “User” refer to an identified or identifiable natural person being the user of the Site, App and/or client of any of Mediarex’s services.

2. Contents
3. What are Cookies?
Our Site uses a technology called “cookies”. A cookie is an element of data (usually a very small file) that a website can send to Your browser, which may then store it on Your computer or mobile device. These cookies allow Us to correctly operate the Site and/or to provide You with web pages or content that are tailored to You. For example, some cookies remember Your custom preferences. This information can, in some cases, be carried from one visit of our Site (or related site) to the next (for example, to help You avoid having to re-enter certain information when You visit the same page later). Some of these cookies require Your consent (as explained below.)

Some cookies are created for each session when You visit Our Site, while others are persistent and may remain for a number of months or years to facilitate Your access to Our Site.

4. Why we use Cookies?
We absolutely respect Your right to privacy. We use cookies to ensure the functionality of our Site and to make Your website experience better. You can remove any cookies already stored on Your computer or mobile device (as explained below) but this may prevent You from using parts of this Site or may cause You to see this message, or part thereof, again.

Apart from the cookies We make use of Ourselves, various third-party cookies may also be stored on Your computer or mobile device, including Google Analytics and Hotjar. We strongly suggest that You read the cookie policy of any such third-party cookies.

5. Which Cookies are used?
Cookies may be split into two broad categories based on their lifespans, as follows:

A. Session Cookies

Those cookies that are erased when a User closes a browser. Session cookies enable us to track the use of our website and to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of Our marketing campaigns and activities. The information collected through these cookies is not stored and cannot be used to identify You as an individual. Mediarex doesn’t share the information gathered through Session cookies with third-parties.

B. Persistent Cookies

Those cookies that remain on the User’s computer for a predetermined period of time.

C. Essential and Non-Essential Cookies

ESSENTIAL COOKIES are strictly necessary to ensure that the Site and/or App functions in Your everyday use of it or for Us to provide You with the service(s) You expect from Us. Cookies used for the sole purpose of carrying out or facilitating the transmission of a communication will also be considered as essential cookies. We do not require Your consent to use such essential cookies but You may still block or delete them (see below.)

NON-ESSENTIAL COOKIES are not required for the essential functioning of the Site and/or App, although they may greatly enhance Your experience of using Our Site and/or App. Non-essential cookies may be used for various reasons, such as marketing purposes (to gather information about You browsing habits), statistical purposes (to gather information about Users) and preferences (to track Your custom preferences for instance by re-entering certain information when visiting the Site).

D. Specific Cookies Used

The following cookies are used by Mediarex:

Essential Cookies;

Socios will store data required to provide socios.com functionality, eg. language preference.
CloudFlare will use cookies to operate proxy service.
Non-Essential Cookies;

Google Analytics will use statistical cookies to collect aggregated statistical data about user visits.
Hotjar will use user behavior analytics cookies to collect aggregated statistical data about user visits.
Facebook will use user behavior analytics cookies to collect aggregated statistical data about user visits and track marketing campaigns.
Twitter will use user behavior analytics cookies to collect aggregated statistical data about user visits.
6. Control of Cookies?
Even if We obtain Your consent to use non-essential cookies (these not being required for the proper functioning of the Site and/or App but enhance Your experience of using Our Site and/or App) or if We use essential cookies (these being necessary to ensure the Site and Apps functions in Your everyday use of it and where we don’t need Your consent), You can still control Your settings in Your browser to delete or disable cookies.

If Your browser is not configured, by default, to block all or certain cookies, You may manually configure Your browser to either reject all cookies or control which cookies are set on Your computer or mobile device through the Site or App. Should You wish to reject all or certain cookies used by Our Site, You may modify Your web browser preferences to do so.

If You reject ALL cookies (including essential cookies) then You might be unable to use some of the features or services available on Our Site and/or App and You might also experience a lack of full functionality of the Site and/or App.

Usually, the information on how to change Your options regarding cookies can be obtained by referring to Your operating system’s manual or the ‘Help’ section of Your web browser, or by contacting Your Internet Service Provider.

You may also find all the necessary information on how to make the necessary configuration settings by visiting the following helpful site: https://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/.

7. Contact us
If you have any questions/comments about this Cookies Policy please contact Us by sending an email to the following address: dataprotection@socios.com with the subject “COOKIES POLICY REQUEST” or by writing to:






8. Updates
We reserve the right, at Our complete discretion, to change, modify, add and/or remove portions of this Cookies Policy at any time. To let You know when we make changes to this Cookies Policy, We will amend the revision date at the top of this page. The modified Cookies Policy will apply from such revision date. We will not officially notify you about such changes, and it is therefore in Your own interest to check this Cookies Policy page from time to time so as to familiarise yourself with any changes.

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