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Tokenized fan influence for the Football Industry

Fans shouldn’t just love their team, they should be a part of it.

We’re taking the DNA of football’s Socios fan-led management system and fusing it with the power of blockchain technology to create a new era of fan engagement & monetization opportunities for football teams & their fans, globally.

Socios.com, powered by the chiliZ fintech platform & $CHZ token, will offer the world’s first scalable, tokenized voting platform where fans can buy, trade & execute voting or ‘crowd managers’ rights in their favorite football teams.

Once on-boarded to Socios.com, teams can choose what their fans have a say in - anything from picking uniform designs to voting club presidents in an out - fans simply put their ‘management’ caps on, and vote.

This is a mobile-first, globally accessible platform. With Socios.com fans don’t need proximity to their favorite teams to help influence them, able to connect 4 billion football fans worldwide with the thousands of different UEFA clubs & professional football teams they root for.

The ‘socios’ concept has nurtured powerful relationships between clubs and fans for decades, exemplified by Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, FC Bayern Munich, SL Benfica and Sporting CP’s history of Socios ownership. Socios.com digitizes this framework, allowing it to scale and offering new benefits to teams while giving more dynamic power to fans.

Socios.com is powered & supported by the chiliZ fan voting & vote exchange platform. The chiliZ project, which will drive Socios.com as its 1st native ‘whitelabel’ application, has raised more than $65 million from some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and leading crypto funds in Asia.

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Tokenized fan influence for the Football Industry