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What is a Fan Token?

A Fan Token is a digital asset that transforms your passion into rewards. As a Fan Token holder, you have the potential to access once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive benefits and other perks for being what you’ve always been – a passionate fan. Fan Tokens empower you to vote in official team polls, predict results, play games, choose your favourite players and more while generating reward points that lead to extraordinary Fan Rewards.

Fan Tokens =

Unique Rewards

Voting Rights

Exclusive Games

Yours to keep or trade

Fan Tokens are yours indefinitely once acquired. However, should you decide to part ways with it, you can effortlessly resell it on the app or other major marketplaces. The resale price may exceed or drop from the initial purchase.

Officially licensed Fan Tokens are Officially Licensed and the Exclusive Fan Token of the team

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Your questions answered

Fan Tokens are the utility tokens of, created on Chiliz Chain – The Sports Blockchain.

Utility tokens are a type of digital asset. Generally, digital assets include anything created and stored digitally that has, or provides, value.

What sets utility tokens apart is that they are created using blockchain technology and are intended for a specific use, or uses – i.e. utility.

Fan Tokens have very clear utility on – to Reward your Passion.

How? By empowering you to be rewarded for being what you’ve always been – a passionate fan.

Use Fan Tokens to vote in official team polls, play games, choose favourite players and predict results, and you’ll generate reward points that lead to extraordinary Fan Rewards, including once-in-a-lifetime experiences, exclusive benefits and other perks.

Fan Tokens allow you to have your say on real team decisions. In the past, Fan Token holders have voted on kit designs, player numbers, race day livery, and more.

It’s important to note that polls are tailored by each team, and they have the autonomy to decide what specific questions to ask.

Since 2018, has rewarded thousands of fans with mind-blowing experiences. Some of our most exclusive experiences include flying with the team to an away match. But there’s more – including, playing inside iconic stadiums alongside club legends and being the team’s official announcer for a match.

When you get your first Fan Token, you get immediate access to exclusive features on the app – including voting, Leaderboards, and earning loyalty points. To redeem rewards, you require additional Fan Tokens.

The price of Fan Tokens varies depending on demand. However, when a Fan Token goes up for sale for the first time, it’s available at a fixed price. This period is called Fan Token Offering, or FTO® for short. Usually, at this stage, the price is equivalent to what you would typically pay for a matchday programme.

You don’t need to be a crypto wizard to get Fan Tokens! All you need to do is top up your wallet with FIAT (a traditional currency) and select your Fan Tokens. The app will automatically convert your currency to Chiliz, the platform’s digital currency, and then into Fan Tokens in seconds.

Chiliz is a cryptocurrency. It serves as’s official digital currency within the app. Just like Fan Tokens, Chiliz can be traded. However, Chiliz cannot be traded on the app. If you already have Chiliz on your account, you just need to convert them into Fan Tokens.