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We believe passion should be recognised and that every fan has the right to make their voice heard, wherever they are in the world.

Influence your team, access VIP rewards, exclusive promotions and join a global community of superfans.

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the creators of
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Fan Tokens

Fan Tokens are your digital pass to the teams you love. Unlike normal
memberships, Fan Tokens never expire and are yours to keep forever!

Here’s how
it works is the all-in-one fan influence & rewards app.
Influence, play, win and trade Fan Tokens, starting today!


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Verify your account before creating a username & submitting your email address.

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Fuel your account with Chiliz ($CHZ) by using your Visa, Mastercard or others.

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Now that you have your $CHZ, you can exchange to your favourite team Fan Tokens.

Take Decisions

Teams will launch official polls and they will abide by the popular vote.

Unlock Rewards

Be active on the app, participate in polls & follow latest news to win some amazing prizes!

Don’t just take our word for it

See what is being said about and how Fan Tokens
have got fans and teams closer than ever.

Refer your friends
& Win

Refer your Friends & Win $CHZ. From hunting tokens in groups to discussing your preferred poll options and influencing your club collectively, is much better with friends.

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