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Own unique memorabilia from the world’s biggest teams.

With Collectibles you can now get exclusive access to rare game-scored balls, game-used jerseys, boots, and more.

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own a game-scored ball

The first drop gives fans a chance to own a game-scored ball from the EA Sports Supercup Final between AC Milan and Inter.

How it works

The game-scored balls will be available via a reverse auction on the App. To participate in a reverse-auction, you must hold the required number of Fan Tokens and SSU.

Take a moment to learn more about the App, Fan Tokens and SSU.

Upcoming Drops

Your chance to physically own Federico Dimarco and Lautaro Martínez’ game-scored balls from the EA Sports Supercup.

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Why GameUsed™ technology?

GameUsed™ – powered by the Chiliz blockchain – eliminates the risk of counterfeiting by implementing each item with an NFC chip allowing owners to verify authenticity and ownership using a smartphone.


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FAQs Collectibles are game-used memorabilia items which are made available on Fan Rewards. uses GameUsed technology to authenticate and verify each item, logging the data on the blockchain as permanent proof of ownership. They are genuine, authentic and rare.

The first Collectibles drop are the Game-Scored balls from the EA Sports Supercup final between AC Milan and Inter. Look out for:
  • Game used jerseys
  • Game used balls
  • Game used boots
  • And more

GameUsed technology is the tech that drives Collectibles. It is powered by Chiliz, and each Collectible is fitted with an NFC chip. This stores the item’s history and data on the blockchain, ensuring the item is not counterfeit, and also serves as a proof of ownership. Collectibles are exclusively available on the app via Fan Rewards. SSU Loyalty Tokens are needed to redeem rewards as well as the Fan Tokens of the respective club the Collectible belongs to. Collectibles are the real deal: Each physical item is proven to be authentic, and rare and since they are logged on the blockchain, the data can not change. It’s a foolproof system that wipes out counterfeits entirely, guaranteeing you get the rare physical product you seek.

Fan Tokens are digital assets which help you get closer to your favourite sports teams. They are available on the app and empower fans to vote on official team polls and get rewarded for their loyalty with amazing rewards and prizes. SSU Loyalty are needed to claim Fan Rewards.

SSU Loyalty Tokens are tokens which fans earn when they engage with their teams on the app. They can not be bought and must be earned by voting on team polls and predicting & checking into matches.