Socios.com is the world’s first tokenized voting platform where football fans can have a direct voice in some of the many decisions their favorite clubs undertake, and access to an elite fan status via unique rewards & experiences associated with Fan Token ownership.


Socios.com is a turnkey solution for any football club to monetize their fan base via a custom Fan Token Offering (FTO), giving fans access to club branded Fan Tokens that come with voting rights and access to VIP level club rewards and engagement opportunities.

Socios.com provides an upfront upside, in the form of a high-value cash infusion as a result of this FTO, followed by a sustainable source or passive revenue as a club’s fans use the platform to exercise their decision making power, engage with ‘ownable’ VIP features and trade their branded Fan Token back and forth amongst other fans.

We have taken the DNA of this fan-led management system and fused it with the power of blockchain technology to create a new era of fan engagement and monetization opportunities for football teams and their fans, globally.

Socios.com represents the digitisation of the fan or partner-led model of management, and an ‘ownable’ method to engage clubs’ biggest fans to offer them access to VIP engagement and other strong fan reward propositions.

Socios.com is powered & supported by the chiliZ project, which will drive Socios.com, has raised more than $65 million from some of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges and leading crypto funds in Asia.

The Socios.com offering is unparalleled in the football industry – no other venture can provide an estimated $300 million contribution to football clubs, in partnership with Asian cryptocurrency funds.


Socios.com does not compete with the existing ecosystem. We do not require change to existing revenue streams from merchandise or ticketing and we don’t challenge corporate structures, shareholders, rights or retail infrastructures.


The football business model remains untouched.

Our platform simply offers a new engagement vertical, cash infusion and additional passive revenue streams while offering fans another reason to connect with their team.

Fans tend to avidly support one club, with Socios.com they can own a tangible asset which not only gives them a voice - if only aesthetically - in their favorite club, but access the various VIP offerings, to be decided on a club-by-club basis, which they can control not just as a point of fan pride but as a tradeable and collectable, aspirational asset.

cash infusion

Due to Socios.com’s Fan Token Offering-based model, football clubs will receive a significant infusion of liquid capital in exchange for the team-specific vote tokens they release onto our platform. This comes as a perk of activation in Socios.com and does not require any investment from clubs.

New recurring
digital revenue stream

With Socios.com, football clubs can build a new revenue stream that is fully digital and entirely connected to the real fan experience - the lifeblood of a football club. Whenever a Fan Token changes hands between fans, the club profits. The higher a token value climbs, the more valuable each transaction.


With corporate partners in Asia (Binance, OKEx & more), Socios.com offers global liquidity, as fans from anywhere in the world can acquire and utilize a club’s branded Vote Tokens. Specifically, this includes increased visibility to the lucrative Asian market with the help of regional partners as FBG Capital among others.

global audience

Socios.com is a mobile-first, globally accessible platform. Fan engagement isn’t limited by proximity to their favorite teams, meaning that clubs can continue to build an engaged global fan base, and increase profit. Having a global audience on one community-based platform will give all our partner clubs the benefit of liquidity.

Increased content opportunities

Additional fan experiences will drive more content and native media campaign opportunities, increasing user-generated content as well as more social media exposure. Increased rivalries between different online communities will also drive more story lines and news opportunities.


Blockchain has the potential to drastically change how the internet is structured and how we do business - even in football - as everyone and everything is held to the highest degrees of accountability, transparency and integrity. Being a first mover in this space will be crucial; which Socios.com offers for the football industry.


Further down the line, a club’s branded Fan Token could be used to generate different revenues for the club, such as membership, VIP services, and payment solutions. Given the flexibility of our blockchain solution, it can adapt itself to nearly any need - even acting as a support for integration into existing members’ clubs.


We require a club to commit to handing over some element decision-making power to their fans, but remember it is entirely up to the club what decisions are put up for fan vote. Socios.com is a platform to empower clubs. Ultimately, how you choose to use it - as a club - is up to you.

The club would also be required to market the sale of their voting rights to their existing fan base. The higher the demand for the voting right, the more the club can expect in terms of funding.

Socios.com is not about ownership, investment or acquiring shares in a football club or team – that would involve securities and would require complex legislation and regulation – but it’s about clubs engaging with their fans in a completely new and unique way.



Blockchain platforms are powered by coins OR tokens. For example, Bitcoin is a coin, as is Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum and other virtual currencies that function over a blockchain. While coins can and usually represent money, as in the case of Bitcoin, they can also represent other things. Tokens usually have a utility, such as ours (having access to the platform & being able to trade voting rights using the marketplace).

Socios.com is powered by CHZ token and the chiliZ fintech platform. The CHZ token can be exchanged for voting rights and inclusion into a club’s Fan Token VIP club. Football fans can buy, trade and execute voting rights on the Socios.com platform, empowering them to take an active hand in how their clubs are managed.

Tokenization is an intrinsic part of blockchain technology that performs platform identification and accessibility. The demand for a particular Blockchain product is usually what determines the value and market price of its token.


Trust in the platform is hugely important, for both the end users that their voting rights will be exercised correctly, and for our partner clubs that revenue will be correctly calculated.

Blockchains are designed to be immutable - once a piece of information goes in or a block is written, it cannot be altered. Blockchain is the most practical and eloquent way to unite the need to maintain integrity and transparency whilst transforming voting rights or membership into an ‘ownable’ commodity.

Our company is based in Malta, which has recently established the first regulatory framework for blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and DLT (distributed ledger technology). The smart contracts on which the Socios.com platform is based, are now a legal entity.