How it works

Fanflux - The Sponsorship Voting Challenge - by
We’re offering 6 months of sponsorship/funding to small/medium-sized esports teams within the EU.

To qualify for sponsorship, teams are first selected by the Socios Esports team with the following prerequisites: small to medium-sized teams, organised and hungry to progress.

To win, the teams take part in a competition run on our website to ascertain which teams can receive the most votes from their fans. The competition will run for a two-week period from 3rd December - 17th December. Once the competition has ended, the votes will be counted and verified; the winners will be contacted and will then be announced via social media. The actual sponsorship will start towards the end of January 2019.

There will be 3 winning teams with a first, second and third place - 3 teams with the most votes will receive a 6-month sponsorship/funding contract equalling:






The sponsorship will be used for onboarding or supporting either a Fortnite or a PUBG team, but can also be used to help support the operational/marketing side of the organisation (specifics will be discussed with each team and will be confirmed via a contract once the winners have been announced).

The project will have a separate, dedicated webpage, where people can find out about each team, as well as vote. There will be a live vote counter and summary on the website to show who is in the lead and how many votes each team has; this could be used in the future for a team in conjunction with demonstrating fan engagement.

This initial project is aimed at the Battle Royale scene, but if successful we may do a similar project based on different games/factors.

Participating teams will be announced after the 30th November.

The first initiative in the $10m Battle Royale funding that was announced earlier this year
An important initiative to demonstrate that we are supporting the entire esports ecosystem, from the ground up
Giving back to the esports industry - Socios was built with esports in mind and we’re looking to grow esports from the inside out and help organisations gain a foothold in the industry
Allows us to access fans, brands and potential sponsors
Important for user acquisition as we start to build our audience/customer base
What is required from the teams?
Each team needs to produce a 60-second video and a briefing document (around 300 words for use on our website), helped and supported by the Socios Esports team
Promoting it across Social media campaign/website - engage the fan bases
The teams to utilise all outlets
(social media/friends and family/podcasts/local radio stations/Local newspapers - It is on the team's shoulders to drive traffic to the website to vote on their team)
Once the winners have been chosen, we will discuss a contract with them and once that is signed and confirmed, we will start the sponsorship/funding
A plan from the team as to where the money will be used (this won't be discussed further until the winners have been chosen)
The teams will be required during the 6-month contract period to work with us on producing content to go to market, which will include our branding
Our logo on social media/content we help to create and success stories from the rosters we’re supporting
Other commitments are to be confirmed
Permission to use the teams branding for marketing purposes by us
How we support the teams?
We will be supporting the teams through a couple of avenues, the obvious one being funding and the secondary one is marketing and content.

During the 2 week voting period we will be pushing the 60-second video and other content about the specific teams across our media to draw attention to the project and teams. We will be helping guide the creation of the 60-second video.

Whilst during the 6-month sponsorship we will be looking to work with the winning teams to create content that both parties can push to market, including but not limited to videos, articles and competitions.

What is required from the fans?
Very little; they will need to log into a social media platform to place their vote, agree to our Terms and Conditions and opt-in or out of our marketing preferences.

Very little; they will need to log into a social media platform to place their vote, agree to our Terms and Conditions and opt-in or out of our marketing preferences.

They will also be offered a chance to win a prize after they have placed a vote.

Is there a danger that the team with the most fans will win?

Yes, but it isn't a danger, it is part of the project. But, an important factor to remember is a team can have 10,000 followers on Twitter, but that does not mean they will vote to support the team they follow.

It is down to the teams to properly promote themselves to their fans and persuade them to engage with the competition and vote.

We will be running giveaways linked to this project to drive more traffic to the voting platform.

What happens if someone bots the voting system to gain fake votes?

We are implementing measures to protect against this occurrence and once the competition has ended, we will be checking through the votes, as well as checking for any abnormalities during the competition.