Socios United

We believe so much in what we do that we turned
ourselves into a partner! Participate in polls and redeem
rewards with our free $SSU Fan Tokens.

the app

Your views matter to us so we’ve turned ourselves into a partner. Our Fan Tokens are called $SSU and you’ll get 1 $SSU Loyalty Token when signing up. You can use the Socios United partner to vote on app changes, improvements & to participate in competitions.

Fan Token

$SSU Loyalty Tokens are the official ‘Fan Token’ for Socios United, and our in-app rewards currency awarded to you for hitting achievements, participating in features & engaging with our many partners.

Keep stacking $SSU Fan Tokens by playing our in-app virtual Token Hunt game. You’ll find free $SSU, $CHZ and Team Fan Tokens up for grabs.

Redeeming Fan Rewards

Coming Soon

Collecting $SSU Loyalty Tokens isn’t just an experience but will empower you to redeem exclusive rewards from our upcoming Fan Rewards. Use the $SSU Fan Tokens you earn to redeem Socios and team merchandise, virtual goodies, match day experiences and more.

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