Socios United

SSU Loyalty Tokens are the good stuff. These Tokens are our in-app loyalty currency and are earned, not bought. Use SSU to vote and redeem rewards.

SSU Loyalty Tokens

SSU Loyalty Tokens are the official Loyalty tokens for the app, awarded to you every time you level up by gaining points. SSU must be earned, not bought and you’ll get your first SSU Loyalty Token on sign up.

You will earn SSU by levelling up your profile when you predict match scores, vote on team polls and engage with the app.

Pro Tip: Keep stacking SSU Tokens by playing our in-app virtual Token Hunt game.

How to use SSU

Use your SSU Loyalty Tokens to influence team decisions by voting on official polls and if you think that’s a cool feature, you’ll love the second part too. SSU Loyalty Tokens are also used to redeem rewards from our Fan Rewards section – and these can be huge once-in-a-lifetime experiences and more!

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