Read on for the key details on our Fan Token Offerings (FTO®s) for CA Independiente, Team Heretics and Apollon Limassol FC — all of which will take place on Tuesday August 25th.

MALTA, 18th August 2020: Chiliz and Socios.com CEO Alexandre Dreyfus has revealed in a live AMA which three sporting organisations will have their Fan Tokens launched on Socios.com and Chiliz.net on Tuesday August 25th.

And, we’ve got all the key details on the FTO®’s for CA Independiente ($CAI), Team Heretics ($TH) and Apollon Limassol ($APL) right here.

Also — as Alex mentioned in the AMA — we have had to postpone the announcement of the ‘fourth’ club due to the impact of the coronavirus. We are, however, hopeful of revealing the identity of the club later this week, with the FTO® to take place soon afterwards.

CA Independiente

Fan Token: $CAI

FTO® start date: 25/08/2020

FTO® end date: 27/08/2020

Trading begins: 28/08/2020

Opening FTO® supply cap: 250, 000

Socios.com FTO® supply: 125, 000

Chiliz.net FTO® supply: 125, 000

Price of 1 $CAI Fan Token: 180 ARS

Sales cap per user: 100 $CAI

Total supply: 5, 000,000 $CAI

First Poll: $CAI Fan Token holders will vote to choose a permanent message to be displayed on the grandstands at the club’s Estadio Libertadores de América stadium.

Club profile: Independiente are among the most successful football clubs of all time, having won 21 International competitions throughout their history, including a record 7 Copa Libertadores. The Argentine side are also the only team to win South America’s biggest club competition four times in a row — a feat they achieved between 1972–75. Their most recent success came in the Copa Sudamerica, with the Avellaneda-based team winning the trophy in 2017.

Team Heretics

Fan Token: $TH

FTO® start date: 25/08/2020

FTO® end date: 27/08/2020

Trading begins: 28/08/2020

Opening FTO® supply cap: 125, 000

Socios.com FTO® supply90, 000

Chiliz.net FTO® supply: 35, 000

Price of 1 $TH Fan Token: €2

Sales cap per user: 50 $TH

Total supply: 5, 000, 000 $TH

First Poll: Heretics are asking fans to choose which players they want to captain two teams filled with fans for a Fortnite death-match series.

Heretics and Socios.com will select six $TH holders to join the chosen duo, with the opportunity to progress to a final 2vs2 round and win prize packages — to be supplied by software colossus Logitech — on offer.

Organisation profile:

Team Heretics was founded in 2016 by Jorge ‘Goorgo’, Antonio Catena and Arnau Vidal. The organization competes in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Rainbow 6 and Fortnite. Since their creation, Heretics have focused on recruiting the best Spanish-speaking players and content creators. Heretics have also built a huge social media presence, consisting of 60 million followers from across Spain, LATAM and Europe.

Apollon Limassol FC

Fan Token: $APL

FTO® start date: 25/08/2020

FTO® end date: 27/08/2020

Trading begins: 28/08/2020

Opening FTO® supply cap: 100, 000

Socios.com FTO® supply: 75, 000

Chiliz.net FTO® supply: 25, 000

Price of 1 $APL Fan Token: €1

Sales cap per user: 50 $APL

Total supply: 1, 000, 000 $APL

First Poll: $APL Fan Token holders can vote in a series of launch polls, choosing players to go head to head in a skills challenge, with selected voters to be invited to the training ground to award the winner.

Club profile: Apollon FC are one of the most successful Cypriot teams of all time, having won the Championship title on 3 occasions, the domestic cup 9 times and the Cypriot Super Cup 3 times. The clubs have also progressed to the Group Stages of the Europa League 4 times.

Couple of things to note

– Should the opening supply in any of the FTO®’s not sell out during the sales period, then the remaining will be sold uncapped on Chiliz.net and Socios.com.

– It’s worth noting that in the recent FC Barcelona FTO® we sold the total opening supply of 600, 000 $BAR in less than 2 hours.

– So, if you want Fan Tokens for any of the teams above at a fixed price then it’s probably a smart move to get involved as soon as the FTO®s’ open on the 25th.

– Fan Tokens for all of the teams will still be available once the opening supply has sold out, but from that point on price will be determined by supply and demand.

We’re all feeling pretty pumped for next Tuesday — it’s going to be big. But, we’ve got dozens more clubs to launch before the end of the year — including the yet to be announced ‘fourth’ club (!) — and lots of strategic partnerships lined up too. Our journey is still just beginning … stay tuned!

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