A message from CEO, Alex Dreyfus

An update on the $LOCK-TG locker

Unfortunately, it has not been possible for us to convert The Galácticos Locker Room within the stipulated time frame. Both parties were ready in terms of legal contracts, the marketing materials were all prepared, but we just didn’t manage to sign in time, and we didn’t think it was fair to ask for another extension. You have waited long enough, and we’re very grateful for your patience.

Socios.com partnerships are the result of months, sometimes years, of work, and while we’re thrilled to have added both AC Milan and Manchester City to Socios.com as a result of our Locker Room initiative, we won’t have a Galácticos Fan Token for the time being – although we never say never. We may sign a deal in a few weeks, a few months, or we may not. We have many more teams that are ready to be announced in the very near future and we keep on building every day. 

We thank you for placing your faith in us. The 10% participation bonus will be credited to Socios.com wallets in the next 24 hours. $CHZ staked in LOCK-TG will be refunded to Socios.com wallets within the next 96 hours. 

Alexandre Dreyfus

CEO Chiliz & Socios.com

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