A new look and bigger rewards this season

Every new season ushers in fresh expectations, dreams and experiences. While the football world took a break, we delved deeper into our community, exploring more ways to keep you at the centre of it all. We enter the new season like a team with a fresh signing discovering new ways to help you play an even bigger part in your team’s fortunes.

As you tap through the Socios.com app you’ll notice changes. It may be different, but the sentiment is the same, only now the focus continues to shift onto you with even bigger rewards coming your way.

Rewards that revolve around you

reward your passion rebranding

Sporting your team’s latest jersey always brings excitement. Fresh drip, cooler vibe. Yet the colors, meaning and DNA remain consistent. Just like your unwavering club love. New kit, same you.

Our new look? It’s like that fresh jersey. Epic rewards, captivating content. Engage, impact and earn rewards which put the focus on YOU. It’s a style upgrade, but you’re the star. 

Reward Your Passion

You, the dedicated fan who watches and spams your mates’ inboxes during the 90 and beyond. You know the game inside out. We see you, feel you – we’re right there with you.

Traditionally, you’d watch and consume stats, but perhaps struggle to truly connect with your side. Now you’ll bring down those barriers, make your mark and feel rewarded for your loyalty. 

Last season, fans attended iconic matches like the Manchester Derby, the Derby della Madonnina, and the European Cup Final, while some even got to meet their heroes for a morning coffee! This season, we’re diving in deeper, creating more memories, and giving you bigger access than ever before. It’s because of your inspiration that we’re pushing boundaries, flying the flag, and leading our community forward.

Three small words, one epic meaning: Reward your passion.

Reward – dream big here, think VIP experiences, trips, tickets, merch & more

Your – as simple as that, you are the playmaker

Passion – we know you live your passion.

Where will your passion lead you?

Level Up Your Passion: More Energy, Even Bigger Rewards!

Dive into this season’s highs, lows, and cheers. Meet new fans, discover new places, and learn more chants. Feel every kick, live each match. It’s about you – the fan, unsung hero, true legend.

Gain access to your team. Vote on polls for impact. Can’t attend the game? No worries. Make your mark by picking murals, squad numbers, kit designs and more. Can’t travel? Fan Rewards have you covered. 

Exclusive Fan Rewards bring the game to you. Play at Camp Nou, recreate legendary goals with the scorer this season!

We’re only limited by our imagination, as we aim to give you money-can’t-buy experiences straight from the cabinet of dreams – and that’s a big cabinet! The only thing that’s missing is you.

Will you fly with your team to an away game? Will that game-scored ball end up in your living room? Which questions will you ask your hero?

Find out with Socios.com!

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