Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN Formula 1 Team Everything You Need to Know About Them

Brief Alfa Romeo ORLEN Formula 1 Team

Established in 1910, Italy-based motor manufacturer Alfa Romeo has since been a big name in Formula 1 World Championship Racing. Now operated by Sauber Motorsport AG, Alfa Romeo F1 team goes by the name Alfa Romeo ORLEN Formula 1 Team.

Let’s take a look at the heritage of this top-notch racing team. Take time to discover how it continues to make waves in the said sport.

Palmares — Alfa Romeo’s Triumphs in Formula 1

The Alfa Romeo Formula One team and constructor has competed intermittently from the first championship season. It started with pre-war Grand Prix racing and eventually a host of motorsports championships.

Here are the winning moments of Alfa Romeo F1 team:

  • Giuseppe Farina drove the winning Alfa Romeo 158 car in the first Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • Juan Manuel Fangio, took to driving the Alfa Romeo Alfetta 159, bringing home the trophy for its 2nd World Drivers’ Championships
  • The team won a couple of Grand Prix in the 1978 season of Formula One
  • Bruno Giacomelli reached pole position driving the Alfa Romeo 179 in the U.S. Grand Prix in 1980
  • Giacomelli ended 3rd place at the Caesar’s Palace Gran Prix in 1981
  • Andrea de Cesaris was the ace driver of the Alfa Romeo 182 at the Monaco Grand Prix and the U.S. Grand Prix West
  • Riccardo Patrese finished 3rd place at the 1984 Italian Grand Prix

A Journey Through Time — The History of Alfa Romeo Racing

  • 1951: The Alfa Romeo F1 team history is an astounding one. This team worked on a limited budget, using nine engine blocks in their car’s construction. Therefore, it’s surprising to know that the team was able to bag two World Drivers’ Championships.
  • 1952: Alfa Romeo’s withdrawal from Formula One resulted from the increasing heavy competition posed by Ferrari. Also, the Italian government refused to finance a new car design to replace its 13-year-old model.
  • 1976: The team started supplying its partner Brabham some engines.
  • 1977: Alfa Romeo and Autodelta developed Alfa Romeo 177 for the Belgian Grand Prix in 1979, ending its partnership with Brabham.
  • 1980: The Alfa Romeo 179 showed up brilliantly in the U.S. Grand Prix.
  • 1981: Debut of the Alfa Romeo 179c car at the Caesar’s Palace Grand Prix.
  • 1982: The team obtained another pole position, this time at the U.S. Grand Prix West and the Monaco Grand Prix.
  • 1983:The team switched to 890T V8 engine and placed 6th in the Constructor’s Championship.
  • 1984:Last podium finish for team Alfa Romeo winning 3rd at the 1984 Italian Grand Prix.
  • 2019–2023: Partner Sauber rebranded Alfa Romeo in 2019, marking its return to Formula One, this time as a constructor. Alfa Romeo will race again with its new drivers.

The Drivers — Icons Behind the Wheel

  • 1920s: Ugo Sivocci worked alongside Enzo Ferrari and Antonio Ascari, had a high-profile win in 1923 at Targa Florio
  • 1930s: Legendary racer Tazio Nuvolari raced for Alfa Romeo in the 1930s, winning major events like Italian and European championships, Targa Florio, and Mille Miglia
  • 1950s: Giuseppe Farina and Juan Manuel Fangio each became World Champions
  • Late 1970s: Three-time champion Niki Lauda joined Alfa Romeo F1 Team, with the Swedish Grand Prix among his prominent races
  • 1990s: Nicola Larini became involved with various races such as F1, F3, DTM, WTCC, and many more.
  • 21st Century: Charles Leclerc, World’s #2 finished 13th in 2018 under the Alfa Romeo Sauber Team. Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu closed 2022 ranking 10th and 18th, respectively.

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN Team 2023

The race to become 2023’s Formula One World Champion started last March and ends in November. This motor racing championship involves two Grand Prix. The Alfa Romeo F1 Team, currently on 6th rank has high hopes in reclaiming its throne.


Zhou Guanyu

Twenty-four-year-old Guanyu is the first Chinese driver to compete in Formula One. Landing 1st place at the F3 Asian Championship in 2021, he finished 2nd at the FIA Formula 2 Championship as test driver for both. He entered Formula One in 2022, the same year he won the Autosport Rookie of the Year. Zhou has signed with Alfa Romeo for the 2024 season. In April 2024, he will be racing in Shanghai.

Valtteri Bottas

This 34-year-old racing driver hails from Finland. He started his racing career in karting then moving up to Formula 3 to Formula One races. It was in the 2013 Australian Grand Prix when he started his Formula One career. He is currently ranked tenth in 2022.


The Alfa Romeo F1 car is the Ferrari 066/7. The 066/7 engine was developed by Ferrari in 2022.

Technical Staffing

Alfa Romeo F1 Team’s mantra includes teamwork. Its technical staff and engineers ensure that everything goes as planned. The technical team, headed by technical director James Key, does more than just changing Pirelli tyres. and Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEAN Formula 1 Team — Engaging Fans Together

Socios partnered with Alfa Romeo F1 Team to engage more fans by rewarding them with perks. Alfa Romeo F1 Team Fan Tokens are available on the app. Top up your wallet with the in-app currency, Chiliz ($CHZ), filter Motorsports, then find SAUBER. With tokens, fans can vote on polls and even win exciting prizes.

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