Celebrate the birth of an icon with the GOAT Collection


Rosario, Argentina. June 24th 1987. Two proud parents welcome a baby boy to the world, and this little magician goes on to change the footballing world. 

36 years ago, Lionel Andrés Messi was born. He smashed records, hauled a trophy cabinet of 43 titles, he captained his nation to a World Championship and his journey inspired millions. 36 years to the day, we’re introducing the first Digital Collectible from the GOAT Collection. Together, let’s celebrate greatness and champion beauty.

Start your Legacy

Embark on your own journey by claiming the first of the GOAT Collection. We’ll be dropping more Digital Collectibles soon, creating a squad of those athletes who inspired us sports fans most, setting the standard for greatness across multiple disciplines. 

Our GOAT Collection celebrates the birth of an icon and invites you to start your legacy – it’s never too late to aim higher and push yourself even further. 

Exclusive reward

Claim the icon today, and own this exclusive reward: 

The Birth of an Icon Digitial Collectible is free to claim for a limited time only between June 24th at 12:00 CEST to June 28th at 12:00 CEST.

It’s a rare Collectible so head to the Socios.com app now to claim your icon and you’ll soon find it in your wallet!

Claim the Icon, ace a quiz to win a signed t-shirt

Those who claim the icon will also be given a chance to win a t-shirt signed by Leo Messi himself. It’s a rare opportunity to own a coveted piece of merch, but to get it you too have to be the GOAT.

We’re going to make you work for this one, by inviting you to try a quiz. It’s only five questions, but you need to get full marks to get into the draw to win it. Pro tip: Brush up on your Messi knowledge to ace this challenge. 

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