Chiliz and $ACM Fan Tokens: What‘s the difference?

One of the most popular questions we get asked is what are Chiliz Tokens ($CHZ) and what are $ACM Fan Tokens.

Don’t worry though, we’ve made sure that getting your hands on $CHZ and exchanging them for any Fan Tokens you want is as easy as any other online transaction. 

What are Chiliz Tokens ($CHZ)? 

$CHZ is the exclusive digital currency of the app, and the only currency you can use to buy Fan Tokens. 

How do I get Chiliz Tokens ($CHZ)? 

You can buy $CHZ directly on using a debit or credit card. Simply verify your email address – go to your wallet – tap “Top-Up”, choose how many $CHZ you want and Proceed to Payment. 

What are Fan Tokens? 

Fan Tokens is like a digital pass that never expires. They give you rights to vote in exclusive club polls, connect with other fans around the world in chat forums, earn VIP rewards and experiences and gain access to exclusive club and sponsor-related promotions. 

How do I get Fan Tokens? 

After topping up your Wallet with $CHZ, go to the Home Screen, tap “Trading” and choose the Fan Tokens you want. Tap “Buy” and the Fan Tokens are added to your Wallet. 

You can also ‘hunt’ Fan Tokens down for free in our popular feature –  Token Hunt – from anywhere in the world. You can find some extra $CHZ floating in there too! 

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