Chivas FC Fan Tokens: get to the heart of your club

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Chivas FC, officially known as Club Deportivo Guadalajara, is more than just a football club; it’s a symbol of passion, tradition, and pride deeply embedded in the heart of Mexico. Founded in 1906, Chivas is one of the oldest and most successful teams in Mexican football, boasting a rich history that resonates with fans across generations. 

The red & white stripes are iconic, and Chivas stands as a beacon of Mexican talent, being one of the few clubs in the world that fields only domestic players. This unique policy has not only fostered national talent but also created a deep connection with their fans, symbolising a pure representation of Mexican football spirit.

Chivas’ home, the Estadio Akron, is a hot cauldron of noise. Chivas fans are passionate and will cheer their team on no matter what! They are the 12th player and matches have been won purely due to the strong atmosphere. The club’s intense rivalry with Club América, known as “El Súper Clásico,” is a fierce battle for honour, adding to the rich tapestry of Chivas’ storied legacy. 

For fans, it’s about identity and a connection to their roots. A journey of passion is shared and becomes more immersive when you get Chivas FC Fan Tikens. Ready to get to the heart of your team?

What are Chivas FC Fan Tokens?

Join the growing community of like-minded Chivas fans that make the difference in your club. With Chivas Fan Tokens, you’ll impact your club and get rewarded. Hundreds of fans have scored fantastic rewards, won prizes and got closer to Chivas than ever before. Where will your Fan Tokens lead you?

When you join the community, it changes what being a fan means to you. The app is designed for you to get rewarded for doing the things you already do: watch matches, predict scores and take part in pre-match debates. 

Chivas FC Fan Tokens Holder Benefits & Rewards

When you get Chivas FC Fan Tokens, you’ll show your support, fly the flag and gain access to a range of exclusive benefits and rewards. You’ll be able to win prizes like:

  • Matchday tickets
  • VIP experiences
  • Meet & Greets with your star players
  • Rare merch
  • And much more

Score Incredible Fan Rewards with your SSU

You’ll also be able to get Fan Rewards, by swapping your SSU Loyalty Tokens for experiences. Head to the Fan Rewards section to get an idea of what you can aim for. 

SSU are earned when you engage with Chivas FC on the app. Simply predict and check into Chivas matches, play in-app games and vote in polls to score!

Win Huge Prizes

And there’s more. Each time you engage, you’ll also collect Experience Points. These XP stack into Team Leaderboards and the best fans will win mega prizes at the end of the season. Are you a top-ranking Chivas fan?

Make your mark

Your votes will make a huge difference to the club. Fans use their Fan Tokens to pick mural designs, kit designs, banners and more, improving the matchday atmosphere. It’s not just about your voice and chanting, as your impact goes beyond the terraces.

How To Buy Chivas FC Fan Tokens

Follow these steps to start your journey:

  1. Download the app from Google Play or App Store. Sign up and select Chivas as your favourite team.
  2. Check the Chivas Fan Token price, purchase and hold them in your wallet. Compete, vote, play, and earn loyalty points.
  3. Redeem once-in-a-lifetime experiences, VIP tickets, signed merchandise and more.

Go for it, and a season of fun awaits!

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