Clube Atlético Mineiro Fan Tokens

Atletico Mineiro Fan Tokens

Formed in 1908 by students from Belo Horizonte, the club have over a century’s worth of success and history, and have tasted glory in both their state league and, more recently, in the 2023 Brasileirao. Depending on how results go in the next few matches, they could lift the title trophy for the second time in three years. With Hulk and Paulinho scoring for fun, this is an exciting team to get behind.

In the sixth-biggest Brazilian city of Belo Horizonte, set back from the coast on the east of South America, Clube Atletico Mineiro are one of the main title challengers for this season’s 2023 Brasileirao league title, and with a few matches remaining, the pressure is on them to rekindle some past glory. Winning the title two years ago, this is a team that could grow accustomed to winning.

What Are Clube Atlético Mineiro Fan Tokens?

Clube Atletico Mineiro Fan Tokens are a digital asset that lets you turn your support into rewards. As a Fan Token holder, you will get the chance to win once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, unique rewards, and other kinds of prizes that reward your passionate lifelong support for your team. Fan Tokens will let you take part in official club polls, predict results, check-in for games, play games, pick your favourite players and even more, all while earning reward points to help you win Fan Rewards.

Clube Atlético Mineiro Fan Tokens Holder Benefits & Rewards

Fan Tokens let you get rewarded for your support of Atletico Mineiro. Just think of unique, unforgettable experiences, like meeting the players in the team, re-creating important moments in your club’s history, and maybe even taking part in some matchday activities. You can also win match tickets, VIP seats, exclusive access behind the scenes, and plenty more with your Clube Atletico Mineiro Fan Tokens.

Score Incredible Fan Rewards

Fans can earn Fan Rewards by interacting with the Atletico Mineiro team on the app. Each time you predict and check into matches, or take part in in-app games and have your say in polls, you’ll earn points. These points build up and let you earn SSU tokens. SSU are the in-app loyalty tokens, and you can exchange them for Fan Rewards.

Atletico Mineiro Fan Tokens have already given fans the chance to win prizes like travel with their team, win unique match-worn kits, and even gain VIP matchday experiences with legends from their team. Are you ready to be rewarded for your support?

Win Huge Prizes

With Clube Atletico Mineiro Fan Tokens, you have the chance to win some huge prizes. There are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be won, perhaps backstage access to your teams before matches, VIP seats in their famous Arena MRV stadium, team kit, and meeting club legends. Fan Tokens gives you the chance to win big.

Vote In Polls

You’ll be able to help select the designs for new kits, as well as team merchandise and much more . You’ll get the chance to have your say on so many aspects of Atletico Mineiro. Every time you use your Fan Tokens, you get to keep hold of them, and that means you can keep making your presence felt with your team.

Impact The First Team

One of the easiest and most popular features on the app is the voting system. Fan Tokens will give you the chance to have a voice in your club. You’ll be able to vote on your favourite players, and have your say on first team matters when the team need your help. That will keep you interested in everything about Clube Atletico Mineiro and put you right at the heart of the action.

How To Buy Clube Atlético Mineiro Fan Tokens

Download the app and follow these three steps to get your first Clube Atletico Mineiro Fan Tokens:

  1. Open the app and tap on Wallet.
  2. Top up your Wallet with our in-app currency, Chiliz ($CHZ)
  3. Tap on Sports, tap on All Teams and then hit Football to filter out football teams. Then search for Clube Atletico Mineiro  and get your Fan Tokens using the $CHZ you just bought.
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