Transfer Window 2022 special: Have Fabrizio Romano answer your questions

The summer transfer window is always a heated topic. Sports journalists are constantly linking players to different clubs and keeping track is difficult. A reliable source is always your key, and who better than renowned sports journalist Fabrizio Romano to answer your questions. bringing you closer to the game, the fan engagement app has a simple aim: to get you closer to the game so signing Fabrizio Romano might already be the deal of the summer!

Who is Fabrizio Romano?

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano has made a name for being the main man for the transfer window. His catch phrase “Here We Go” is the final line fans need to hear in order to know a transfer has been completed. He is reliable, entertaining and close to the major players and agents in football.

You can get to know Fabrizio on his YouTube channel and his Twitch channel. Think of it like having your own guide to football transfers, contract extensions, player agents, fees and more. 

Get the inside track on transfers

If you want transfer news, Fabrizio Romano’s latest tweets are a super source of information. Following him on twitter is a good way to get all the latest news but is going one step further. The two have collaborated in a project that gets you the inside track on transfers. He works around the clock, from the moment an agent and a club’s representatives meet, right through to the dotted line… and he’s overlooked some of football’s biggest deals. 

Submit your transfer window questions

His weekly podcast “Here We Go” airs every Sunday and with, you can be a part of the conversation. All you need to do is submit your questions on the app and Fab will pick the best three to answer every week.

The transfer window opens on June 10th and closes at 11pm on September 1st, so you can ask Fabrizio anything during those dates. 

Fabrizio Romano Transfer News

What better way to get an inside scoop. Whether you want an inside story, want to know what happens behind the scenes or need to know where your hero will play next season, just ask Fab! 

Here we go, let’s talk transfers!

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