Fan Rewards Feature Now Live

Merchandise, VIP tickets for the biggest games and once-in-a-lifetime experiences now redeemable for Fan Token holders in the app

Since day one we’ve been rewarding our loyal Fan Token holders with incredible rewards and experiences linked to the teams they love.

Fans have received personalised video messages from star players, asked the coach questions at live press conferences, appeared via video link inside the stadium during games and played real matches on the pitch at the Camp Nou. We’ve got behind the scenes access and VIP hospitality at the biggest games and we’ve sent thousands of fans along to watch the matches in style, go pitchside and meet their heroes.  We’ve also handed out loads of merch; signed shirts, footballs, baseball caps – you name it. 

And, now, we’re stepping up our rewards game.

Fan Rewards Feature  – Don’t wait to be rewarded.

Fan Token holders can now redeem rewards, experiences and merchandise directly through the app. NOTE –  Our Fan Rewards Feature is still in BETA mode and there’s a lot of fine tuning to be done before it’s where we need it to be, but you’re going to love it when it gets there. One of the ways fans can redeem rewards and experiences in the app is by using SSU Loyalty Tokens and here’s how it works.

SSU Loyalty Tokens – Unlock by earning XP Points

SSU Loyalty Tokens, our in-app loyalty currency can be used in the Fan Rewards section to redeem rewards and experiences. The main way to get these tokens is by building up your XP Points.

XP points are granted when Fan Token holders engage with the app, for instance, by; voting in polls, using the Socios Predictor, using Token Hunt, playing games, quizzes and buying Fan Tokens. 

Once you’ve received a certain number of XP points, you’ll ‘Level Up’ and your account will be credited with SSU Loyalty Tokens, which can then be used in the Fan Rewards section. BTW – you can also build up your pile of SSU Loyalty Tokens by tracking them down for free using our augmented reality, geo-location feature Token Hunt.

The ability to redeem rewards will also be determined by the number of Fan Tokens held for the team linked to that particular reward/experience and the nature of the reward/experience.

Much more on this to come

We’ll be rolling out additional features, including the ‘Reverse Auction’ and others soon. More details on that to come later.

We’re starting steadily, with FC Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain , Fortuna Sittard and BSC Young Boys the first clubs included in the Fan Rewards section. But, we’re going to scale up as fast as we can, adding more club partners to the Fan Rewards area and new features, too.

We can’t wait to make more dreams come true for fans all over the world. Watch this space.

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