New Feature: Locker Room 

locker room

Lock your Fan Tokens using the brand new Locker Room feature, and you’ll be rewarded with an exclusive, official Digital Collectible for the 2023/24 season.

These premium Digital Collectibles feature your team’s official branding, and are finite in number, meaning you can be among the few to own one.

To qualify, all you have to do is lock up your Fan Tokens on the app. Make sure you’re on the latest version of our app, version 2.77.2, so head to your store to update it before locking your Fan Tokens.

You’ll still be able to use Fan Tokens to engage with your team, meaning you can continue making an impact and accessing exclusive Fan Rewards and ‘Did that really just happen?’ experiences.

To check the specific dates your team’s Fan Tokens become tradeable again > Tap Wallet > Select your team > Tap Locker Room. The Fan Tokens will automatically unlock at the end of the agreed locking period.

Score Exclusive Team Digital Collectibles

Official Team 2023/24 season Digital Collectibles are divided into four classifications – Classic, Bronze, Silver and Gold, and while they are all rare, class is determined by scarcity. 

To check the exact number of Digital Collectibles that have been minted (created) for each class for your team just > Tap Wallet > Select your team > Tap Locker Room.

The table below displays how many Fan Tokens you’ll need to lock for each class. 

Classification Fan Tokens Locked
Classic Digital Collectible5
Bronze Digital Collectible10
Silver Digital Collectible15
Gold Digital Collectible50

Choose your path: Locked Locker or Flexible Locker

Regarding actually locking up Fan Tokens, there are two options available:

Locked Locker

Want to claim your Digital Collectible right away? Then lock your Fan Tokens in our ingeniously titled ‘Locked Locker’ and it will be automatically added to your wallet.  

Follow these steps to claim your Official Team Digital Collectible right away:

> Tap Wallet 

> Select your team 

> Select the Digital Collectible of your choice 

> Select Locker Room 

> Select Locked Locker 

> Slide to Lock Fan Tokens 

> Receive a 2023/24 Season Digital Collectible for your team.

Next, choose how many Fan Tokens you want to lock up to determine the class of Digital Collectible you will be rewarded with. Accept the Terms & Conditions, and you’ll see your new Digital Collectible in your wallet.

Participation is non-reversible because you’ll have already collected your reward.  Your Fan Tokens will also be non-tradable for the duration of the locked period, meaning you can’t sell or withdraw them during this time, but you can still use them to access all the features on the app just like before. As soon as the locking period ends, your Fan Tokens will be available for trading again.

The Locker Room opens on the 28th of September for exactly two months, meaning participation closes on the 28th of November 2023. If you want to own a rare piece of your team’s season lock those Fan Tokens before the end of November.  

Flexible Locker

Go for the flexible option and you’ll receive your Digital Collectible when the lockers open on 28th of November 2023.

To be able to access the feature the user has three ways: 

  1. Going to the partner page of the team.
  2. Going to the homepage and they will see the Locker room campaigns of their favourite team or their followed teams.
  3. Go to the wallet, click on the body of the Fan token (not on the logo), see if there is a locker room section

Follow these steps to claim your Official Team Digital Collectible at the end of the locking period:

You’ll be able to enter the Locker Room via three ways: From your team’s page, from your homepage or your wallet. Follow these steps to use Locker Room from your wallet:

> Tap wallet

> Select your team

> Select Locker Room

> Select Flexible Locker

Choose how many Fan Tokens you want to lock to determine the class of Digital Collectible you will be rewarded with. As with Locked Locker, your Fan Tokens will be non-tradable but you’ll still be able to use them to engage with your team, just like before.

The difference here is that you can choose to unlock your Fan Tokens at any time, although you’ll forfeit the Digital Collectible as soon as you do. Unlocking them will render your Fan Tokens tradeable once again. Flexible Lockers will open on the 28th of November, unlocking your digital collectible.

Flexible Locker: Unlocking your Fan Tokens 

> Tap wallet

> Select your team

> Select Locker Room

> Select Flexible Locker

> Follow the simple in-app instructions to unlock your Fan Tokens

> Accept the Ts&Cs and your Fan Tokens will be tradable soon after.

Note: If you notice your team’s Digital Collectible is no longer available, there’s still a chance it will emerge soon, as fans might open their Flexible Locker before the closing date.

2023/24 Season Official Team Digital Collectibles can be traded on any market compatible with Chiliz Chain. Digital Collectibles can be withdrawn to Metamask and other wallets, but remember to import Chiliz Chain network into your Wallet to be able to see your Digital Collectible.

Own Your Passion for the 2023/24 season

Locker Room gives you the opportunity to own a rare Official Team Digital Collectible – one that celebrates your passion! And the best thing is you can continue just like before – impacting your team and accessing rewards.

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