Hunting for Fan Tokens

As the old saying goes, all the best things in life are free. And that includes Chiliz ($CHZ) and Fan Tokens.

Paris Saint-Germain ($PSG), Atlético de Madrid ($ATM), A.S. Roma ($ASR), Galatasaray ($GAL), Juventus ($JUV) & OG ($OG) Fan Tokens & hundreds of thousands of Chiliz $CHZ Tokens are available via our in-app Augmented Reality (AR) feature Token Hunt until January 27th.

Free Fan Tokens are limited , but don’t worry if you don’t manage to find one. There’s plenty of $CHZ to hunt, which can be exchanged for Fan Tokens when the Fan Token Offering for your team takes place.

Using Token Hunt is really easy and fun, but before you get started check out our quick guide below:

Token Hunt: How it works

– Log-in to and click on Hunt from the homepage. Next, choose Daily Hunt. At this point, six ‘mystery’ tokens will generate in your vicinity. The locations of these ‘mystery’ tokens remains fixed for 12 hours.

– At each ‘mystery’ token, you will have a 1 in 10 chance of finding a Fan Token and a 9 in 10 chance of finding 5 $CHZ. Tapping the ‘mystery’ token will reveal what tokens are up for grabs.

– Once at the location, tap on the token/s you want to grab and AR mode will be activated, the token will appear in augmented reality, and you simply tap to add it to your wallet. After the tokens have been redeemed, you’ll need to wait 24 hours before being able to hunt again.

This Token Hunt ends on Jan 27th at 23:59 UTC.


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