Join The Halloween Token Hunt On This Weekend

For The Socios.Com Trick Or Treater

There’s Simply Nothing Sweeter,

Football, Esports And $SSU

Spookily Rebranded Just For You,

Join The Token Hunt My Ghoulish Friend

It Starts on Friday And Lasts All Weekend,

Hunt In The Shadows, 

Stay Sharp, Stay Keen

And Most Importantly Of All 

Have A Happy Halloween!

Socios United $SSU has undergone a horrifying transformation and is now Spooky United!

And, the fa-boo-lous thing is, there’s 150,000 of them up for grabs on our augmented reality feature Token Hunt throughout this Halloween weekend.

Here’s what you need to know to take part:

  • Click on the Token Hunt feature anytime from this Friday (30th October) 10AM CEST until Sunday at 11.59PM.
  • When you open the Token Hunt feature, you’ll see 2 points of interest ‘POI’s’.  
  • The ‘Trick or Treat’ POI will contain between 1 and 25 $SSU Tokens.
  • The ‘Just a Treat’ POI will always contain 5 $SSU Tokens.
  • Once you’ve tracked down the Tokens the POI will remain locked for four hours, after which point you can start hunting again.

The more $SSU Tokens you own the greater your voting power in Socios United polls, allowing you to help shape the future of You’ll also boost your chances of accessing cool real-life and digital rewards.

Don’t be a jerk-o-lantern! Creep it real and join the Spooky United Token Hunt this weekend. It’s certain to lift your spirits!

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