Make your impact on AS Monaco

The 2023/24 AS Monaco kits are already in the design phase. This is an exciting phase where big ideas come together and creativity is in abundance. The club knows that true Monégasque

fans are the beating heart and would like your magic touch on the club’s official shirts.

Two slogans have been earmarked for the poll.

Rouge et Blanc

The first, Rouge et Blanc draws inspiration from the Principality’s colours. These colours, established in 1339 represent positive human values, the red representing the flesh of the human body, with the white reflecting spirituality. This is all about identity. It’s historical, deep  and purely Monégasque.

Daghe Mùnegu

Daghe Mùnegu shows support to the players in a simple but effective manner. It’s written in the traditional language of Monaco, and preserving the club’s history and tradition is of major importance. 

AS Monaco is a club steeped in history, from a Principality which has fought so hard to establish its own identity within Europe. 

The ball’s in your court, which slogan will you vote for?
1 $ASM Fan Token is needed to cast your vote and you can vote on the app or web app.

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