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Digital collectibles with real utility created to reward Fan Token holders

Everything you need to know, including eligibility for the first NFT drop for $ACM holders this Sunday

Serie A giants AC Milan will become our first partner to launch an NFT, with 100 users to receive a limited edition digital collectible commemorating the most memorable moment from the club’s clash with AS Roma on Sunday (31/10) kick off 20:45 CET.

The AC Milan NFT launch will be the first of many similar launches to be held with the club and other partner teams, increasing the opportunities for Fan Token holders to be rewarded with ‘money can’t buy experiences’ and fully integrating NFTs as part of the offering.

Here’s everything you need to know:

How can I become eligible for the first NFT drop?

To be eligible for the first NFT airdrop, you’ll need to have at least 10 $ACM Fan Tokens in your in-app wallet and to have used our ‘predictor’ feature to make a prediction on the outcome of the AC Milan v AS Roma Serie A match.  The NFTs will be dropped to Fan Token holders who meet this criteria shortly after the game.

Where can I find them in the app?

NFTs can be viewed in the  new Digital Collectibles section of the app. 

What makes NFTs special?

Sunday’s AC Milan NFT will commemorate the most memorable moment from the clash with AS Roma, which is pretty cool, but what makes our NFTs special is that they have real utility and have been created to reward Fan Token holders.

In addition to bringing a collectible, tradable dimension to our offering for Fan Token holders, our NFTs  will also act as loyalty tools. We envisage that holders of a certain number of club NFTs will be able to use them to unlock ‘money can’t buy experiences’ and other digital rewards and incentives.

NFTs minted for partners will be tradable on any Ethereum based NFT marketplace.

Make sure you’re ready for the first ever NFT drop on Sunday! Start building your collection and unlock incredible experiences and rewards bringing you closer to the teams you love!

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