Play a 5-a-side with 2 Türkiye legends

The Fanzone as part of the build-up UEFA Champions League Final is going to be epic, and two Turkey legends are also primed to join in. 

Nihat Kahveci and Ümit Davala have amassed a total of 58 UEFA Champions League appearances caps between them and what’s better is that their next appearance is with Fan Token holders. The match will take place on Friday 9th of June, and we’d love to see our Fan Token holders shine alongside some of the biggest stars Turkey has produced. 

Just to put this into perspective: Picture yourself playing a 1-2 with Ümit Davala before hitting the back of the net after a brilliant shot. It really can be you.

The 5-a-side match is expected to draw a crowd, so come to join the fun if you’re not playing, root for the Fan Token holders.

After the match, the players will head to the Fanzone to meet and greet all the fans in attendance. They’ve got a host of memorable moments representing their country and formidable clubs around Europe, so get those questions and autograph books ready. Ümit Davala represented his national team 41 times, so we’re sure he’s got lots to talk to you about. 

Live your passion, just as we’ve seen these legends live theirs on the pitch.

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