- Ready, Set, Hunt! Collect Free Fan Tokens & $CHZ via Token Hunt!

Ready, Set, Hunt! Collect Free Fan Tokens & $CHZ via Token Hunt!

Thousands of Fan Tokens & hundreds of thousands of Chiliz $CHZ Tokens are available via our in-app Augmented Reality (AR) feature Token Hunt.

Daily Global Hunts will be taking place until the end of January, allowing fans to collect some $CHZ Tokens and, if they’re lucky, Fan Tokens as well, ahead of the second phase of  Fan Token Offerings (FTO®™) which will take place from late January onwards. 

$CHZ, the digital currency of Socios.com, can be exchanged for Fan Tokens during the sale period when the FTO®’s take place. So don’t worry if you don’t manage to pick up a Fan Token for your team during this period.

Fan Tokens give you the opportunity to access unforgettable experiences, earn reward points and vote in club polls and surveys.  Remember, the more Tokens you own, the more chances you have to win!

To join today’s Daily Token Hunt all you need to do is:

– Click on ‘Hunt’ in the app and join the Daily Global Hunt.

– Six question mark icons will  generate in your vicinity, regardless of where you are located (usually within a few hundred metres). Simply tap on the icons and they will be revealed as either $CHZ       Tokens or Fan Tokens.

– As you approach the Token simply tap on it. The Token will then appear in augmented reality. At this point tap again to add it to your in-app wallet.