S.C. Internacional Fan Tokens Structure

Fanatical fans, a storied history, and a romantic stadium in the Estádio Beira-Rio, S.C. Internacional is possibly one of the more romantic Brazilian football clubs. 

With three Brasileiro titles to their name, S.C. Internacional are ninth on the list of clubs to have lifted the famous trophy more than once .

 They came close to ending a 43-year wait for a league triumph in the 2022-23 season, pushing eventual champions Palmeiras most of the way before eventually finishing second, eight points off the lead. 

They share a fierce rivalry with Grêmio, a team from the same city (Porto Alegre), and can count the 2006 campaign as one of their most successful years in history, winning the Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup (beating then-European champions Barcelona to the honour)

They are one of the latest professional teams to agree to a partnership with Socios.com and bring Fan Tokens to its die-hard supporters, giving them more input into how the club is run. 

What Are S.C. Internacional Fan Tokens?

Fan Tokens are a revolutionary new product that’s the talk of the town across all sport – not just football. They provide fans with unique and exclusive experiences that were previously unavailable, allowing a more personal and immersive connection with their favourite teams.

But what exactly do they do and why do sports fans the world over want a piece? In simple terms, they are digital assets that represent ownership over a certain amount of voting rights and access to exclusive content related to a specific team or club. In the case of S.C. Internacional Fan Tokens, owners receive exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, such as player interviews and match highlights, as well as the option of participating in polls for certain decisions around the club. 

The entire point is to provide a sense of ownership and belonging to their favourite clubs, enhancing the community spirit that every football team aims to foster but in a digital age. 

S.C. Internacional Fan Tokens Holder Benefits & Rewards

By holding São Paulo Fan Tokens, fans can display , but also unlock a plethora of perks and rewards. These tokens are far more than badges of honour – there are practical benefits. They open doors to unique experiences and tangible opportunities for token holders. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of these benefits for those part of this exclusive club:  

Score Incredible Fan Rewards

If you’re reading this and you are a die-hard fan of S.C. Internacional, what would you have done to be there when they triumphed over Barcelona in 2006? 

Holding an S.C. Internacional Fan Token will mean you are in with a chance of landing insane fan experiences such as these. 

Whether it is part of a loyalty scheme or a competition, there are plenty of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be had for the fan base. 

Win Huge Prizes

It isn’t just matchday experiences that players can win – there are incredible opportunities that can be manufactured by the club. These include a meet and greet with the players, vintage merchandise giveaways, travelling to the game on the team coach, and much more.

Score Incredible Fan Rewards

Players can redeem their points for VIP matchday experiences, signed kit, or other unique and special club merchandise, such as football boots, shin pads, and goalkeeping gloves. 

Vote In Polls

Fans can make their voice heard with a vote that has real-world impact. Participate in polls to select the half-time music, pick the motivating slogans in the training ground, and even choose upcoming kit designs.

Impact The First Team

Your S.C. Internacional Fan Tokens can also lead holders to having a direct impact on team affairs – for example, voting on the dressing room playlist or even having motivational messages from fans blared over the speaker phones. A positive psychological impact on the team can be the difference between a draw and a defeat.

How To Buy S.C. Internacional Fan Tokens

It takes a few simple steps to get in the S.C. Internacional Fan Token game – it all begins with a few swooshes of the finger on your smartphone or a couple of clicks on the mouse on your desktop. 

Here’s the best way to get started.

  1. Download the Socios.com app from Google Play or App Store. Sign up and select your favourite team.
  2. Check the S.C. Internacional Fan Token price, purchase and hold them in your wallet. Compete, vote, play, and earn loyalty points.
  3. Redeem once-in-a-lifetime experiences, VIP tickets, signed merchandise and more.

Just like that, you’re in the game!

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