Save The Date: AC Milan $ACM Fan Token To Launch On February 11th

AC Milan fans — all 450M of you worldwide listen up!

Mark Thursday February 11th as a key date in your calendar, because that’s the day you’ll get to become closer to the club you love.

$ACM will launch on the app and you’ll be able to vote in the inspirational launch poll.

Keep an eye on AC Milan club channels early next week as the club will be teasing details of the first poll, before all is revealed on the 11th.

Getting $ACM Fan Tokens on the 11th is easy and they can be purchased in the app. Just bear in mind that as price will be determined by demand the price of each Fan Token can fluctuate.

$ACM Fan Tokens are your digital license to a closer connection with your club, giving you access to voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, super-fan recognition, cool games, competitions and exclusive discounts.

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