Six Reasons You Need To Get A Fan Token During This FTO® Season

The FTO® season is about to start, but are you ready? FTO® Season:

Wednesday December 09th 13:00 CETSTVV $STV
Thursday December 10th 13:00 CET İstanbul Başakşehir $IBFK
Friday December 11th 13:00 CET Team Alliance $ALL
Monday December 14th 13:00 CET Natus Vincere $NAVI
Tuesday December 15th 13:00 CETBSC Young Boys $YBO
Wednesday December 16th 13:00 CETNovara Calcio $NOV

Six new clubs, six new Fan Tokens and six new polls in six days.  Here’s six reasons why you need to get a Fan Token during FTO® season.

1.Influence your club

Regardless of whether you live in the home city of your club or thousands of miles away, you can have a voice in decisions and influence your club by voting in many exclusive polls on the app.

2.VIP rewards and experiences

Fan Token holders can earn exclusive club related rewards and experiences, including a wide range of incredible digital rewards. Examples include fans appearing on the LED panels live during matches and asking the manager questions during a real press conference. When fans are able to return to stadiums, we’ll up our real-life reward game, giving Fan Token owners the chance to go behind the scenes at the stadium, meet the players and watch games as a special guest of their club. In addition to this, Fan Token holders can also receive exclusive club and merchandise.

3.Exclusive promotions

As a Fan Token holder you will be entitled to exclusive promotions linked to your club, allowing you to redeem discounts, cashback and benefits on a wide range of merchandise and services.

4.Chat with other fans around the world

Within the app you’ll find chat forums for each of our partner clubs where you can connect with other Fan Token holders and discuss all the latest happenings at your club.

5. Games, quizzes and competitions

Play games, take part in quizzes and competitions linked to your club and compete to become the number one fan in your region/country though our in-app leaderboard.

6.Countless more engagement opportunities

There are much more than just six reasons to get Fan Tokens, so we’re going to cram a few more in here.

  • Hunt down Fan Tokens and Chiliz $CHZ (the in-app currency of from anywhere in the world using our in-app augmented reality geo-location feature Token Hunt
  • Receive a Socios United $SSU Token for free when you join and take part in community wide quizzes, competitions and polls (you can hunt down more $SSU in Token Hunt too).  

If you’re a fan of any of the six clubs poised to launch Fan Tokens on, or any of our other partner clubs, and you want to get closer to the team you love then the solution is simple… get Fan Tokens! 

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