From Club Polls To Rewards, Here’s What You Need To Know

So. You’ve liked the tweet and seen the video. But do you really know what is? 

We’ve been around for just a couple of years but have already partnered with some of the biggest clubs and teams in the world. 

We’re the first, truly global fan influence app where clubs and fans connect using some really cool tech with very visible results. 

It’s quite simple really. Clubs ask for your opinion on certain topics. You decide, and earn rewards all at the same time. 

That’s besides being able to chat to fans from across the world, play games, take part in quizzes and get tokens for FREE using Token Hunt, our AR feature where you can hunt for tokens from just about anywhere. 

Wanna know more right?


We’ve gathered the most popular questions we’ve received from fans all in one place, right here: 

What is $CHZ?

Chiliz ($CHZ) is the digital currency you buy and then exchange for Fan Tokens directly in the app. 

What is a Fan Token? 

Owning a Fan Token gives you the right to vote in club polls. When a team asks you to vote, you use that Fan Token to vote. 

Do I need to buy a Fan Token every time a poll is published? 

No. Fan Tokens never expire and are yours to keep forever or as long as your club remains a partner.


How do I buy a Fan Token? 

To get Fan Tokens you first need to buy Chiliz ($CHZ). Once you own $CHZ you simply exchange them for Fan Tokens of your choice in the app. 

But how does it work exactly? 

You can buy $CHZ directly on the app using a debit or credit card. Simply verify your email address — go to your wallet — tap “Top-Up”, choose how many $CHZ you want and Proceed to Payment. Exchange your $CHZ for the Fan Tokens you want. If you want more details just click here. 

What do I get to vote on? 

Clubs publish polls regularly and vary from club to club but just check out what our partners have done so far. Juventus asked their fans to choose a new goal celebration song, Apollon Limassol fans even got to choose the line-up which resulted in a 6:0 win!

Polls can be binding or non-binding. A binding poll means the club will stick to the decision that’s taken by the fans. A non-binding poll is where the club would ask for guidance from the fans.


So what’s the Trading feature all about? 

The value of a Fan Tokens can go up or down and is influenced by things like team

performance amongst others. You could for example decide to sell your Fan Tokens or keep them and continue voting it’s entirely up to you. 

What is Token Hunt?

Token Hunt is our global AR feature that lets you hunt for Fan Tokens and $CHZ from just about anywhere. 

What are $SSU Fan Tokens used for?

$SSU (Socios United) Fan Tokens allow you to vote on polls issued by

Get cracking and join us now!


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