To close out an incredible year, we at Socios celebrated the festive period the only way we know how; by rewarding fans!

One campaign we ran at the beginning of December, ‘21 Games & 22 Rewards’ was a daily series of holiday inspired games for fans to play and win a wide range of prizes, with a chance to win an extra special prize for those who completed all 21!

The response was incredible, so firstly we want to say a massive thank you to everybody that participated in the campaign, we loved off Fan’s festive energy throughout the month and were fuelled by the positive response from the Socios community (as always!)

Now, the part we’ve all been waiting for…

The Winners!

Congratulations to our 3 main winners, who participated in ALL 21 Games: 

?7marcone7Fan experience, signed jersey & Socios merch bundle
?a-cinche2 x VIP Match tickets, signed jersey & Socios merch bundle
?A.peggy2 x GS MatchTickets, Jersey & Socios merch bundle

And congratulations to our Individual Game Winners: 

1 Wrap It Up!Larry98_officialSSU Tokens & Official Socios shirt
2 The Scrooge GameBrunaldo18SSU Tokens & Laptop cover
3 Snowed in StadiumsGustavoPinto2 x GS Match Tickets
4 Jumbled Joybatu11Socios Merch Bundle
5 Pixel PlayersMic9711Socios Merch Bundle
6 Emoji Moviedevocean26881 x Fan Token of choice
7 Last ChristmasRosa19562 x GS Match tickets
8 World Cup Final Predictorcoach.cf3 x Fan Tokens of choice + Signed jersey
9 Class of 21nazlicansahin1 x Fan Token of choice & Socios Merch Bundle
10 Stocking Filleroo bob oo1 x Official Jersey of choice
11 Socios Wrapped QuizVMR2 x Fan tokens of choice
12- Frozen in Timedamo19802 x VIP Match Tickets
13- Socios Crackerscskov3 x Fan Tokens& Official jersey of choice
14- Make Someone Happykulle3451 x Fan Experience (tbc w/GAL)
15- Red Cards GameJackOpi1 x Official Jersey
16- Memory GameRojhat12 x GS Match Tickets
17- Which Box Has The Gift?sunnyc7Socios Merch Box Bundle + Ball
18- Who is Taller?Klaudia30Signed Ball & Signed Shirt of winners choice
19- This or That?loago2 x VIP Match Tickets
20- Who Won What?claus2 x VIP Match Tickets

The winner of Game 21 “Ultimate 2022 Predictor” will be announced on December 19th of 2022.

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for plenty more of the above in the near future.

The Socios Team

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